Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Senior Sweetheart!

It’s hard to believe that in just three weeks from today, it will be a year since a little red-headed Cairn came into my life, flying in-cabin with me from Pensacola , FL to my home in Oregon ’s Willamette Valley .

I worried that the relatively cold and rainy climate would be a big adjustment for her, but she has no hesitation going out in the rain – it doesn’t seem to faze her.

We took our first road trip shortly after she arrived, spending several days at the coast,
then crossing the Cascade Mountains to the east side to visit family.

Maggie is a great travelling companion. She settles right down in the car. Once in a new place, after determining there is no food to be found on the floor, she curls up in an out of the way place, usually under a table.

Maggie’s a senior at approximately 13 years, but there is still a lot of life and Cairnitude in her! She loves our twice daily walks, and barks excitedly to hurry me along if I’m being too slow getting out the door. She is very enthusiastic about car rides and if she senses we are about to go on one, she will try to hurry me along. Sometimes, while I’m getting myself together to leave the house, I go ahead and let her get in the car. Alone in the dark garage, she settles right down and waits for me.

Maggie has a history of skin problems due to allergies to wheat and corn, as well as many other environmental allergens. She gets immunotherapy injections twice a week. The hardest thing about giving her the injections is keeping her still enough; she knows afterwards she will get one of her favorite treats – freeze dried liver.

Maggie quickly and easily became an integral part of my life, one I can’t imagine without her. She brings love and joy into my life every day. If there’s a senior Cairn out there in need of a home, you could be as lucky as I’ve been. Go ahead and fill out an application right now! You could have a loyal companion to love in time for Christmas – and give the best Christmas gift ever to a Cairn in need.

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