Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lexi's Gotcha Day

Lexi and her family celebrated her Gotcha Day anniversary on October 11th. Here is what her Mom says:

Every day is a celebration having my sweet Lexi here with me. This girl has come such a long way from being the petrified mill momma who wouldn’t come out to eat until Foster parents Lori and Mike went to bed, who really didn’t know how to be a momma to four puppies, who was too scared to play with a toy, who could not bear being in the same room with “Monster Man” Mike, to being a very alpha princess who struts her stuff on walks and goes into cujo mode if she sees her arch enemies, my mom’s neighbor’s two black chows, who loves to run and chase lizards all day in the yard, who meets and greets folks instead of fleeing in terror, who knows lots of tricks (sit, down, beg, high five, give me your paw, kiss, dance, etc.), and who exhibits all the wonderful qualities of the breed which endear her to us.Most importantly, she has filled a huge void in my heart left after losing my cairn Danny to lymphoma in July of 2008. I will always be grateful to Col. Potter for rescuing my sweet girl and giving her the chance for a better life. It’s folks like you who make a world of difference to these innocents. Special thanks and appreciation go to Lori and Mike Rothmeier for taking her into their home and helping her whelp and raise her puppies, to Deb Smartt who helped Lexi get ready for her forever home and for flying her to me in Florida, to my wonderful matchmaker Sydney Dixon who cried with me over losing Danny, and to all of you who give of yourselves so unselfishly to help these cairns get ready for their forever homes. Lexi and I send our heartfelt thanks.I have included an intake picture of Lexi when she came into rescue, pictures of her when she came to my home on October 11, 2008, and pictures taken today. On November 12, I took her, Duffy and Connie to Duffy’s dog breeder to be hand stripped. Her outer coat is gone, but she is still beautiful. I am so proud of her. I tell her if she was a woman she would be a beauty queen! Regardless, she is the queen of my heart!Thank you again, Col. Potter for giving me my sweet girl!

Linda in Clearwater, FL
Mom to Duffy, Lexi, Connie,
and Danny, my golden boy, who went to Heaven on July 17, 2008

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