Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sashay Samples Forever!

Contributed by a her Foster Mom

Sashay checks out her new Human Brother!

Well, my beautiful Foster Sashay has gone off with her New Family, and I just know she is going to a wonderful Forever Home!  Her new Dad, Mike, and her new Mom, Kim, are such loving people, and her new human brother, Jackson, could not be nicer!

CP Sashay and Foster Brother Bis Kit (CP Kit Carson) make sure New Dad is comfortably seated...
…so Sashay and New Dad can get reacquainted!

Her new name will be Piper, and she will also have a new fur brother Cooper, a 10 year old Cairn.  I just know Sashay will find her spot in the center of this family and she will always be well loved and happy! 

Bis Kit referees Sashay’s lap time with her Forever Family

Bis Kit (CP Kit Carson) did a great job, seeing to introductions and monitoring lap time for everyone, and now he thinks he should have his Mom’s full attention, though I know he will miss his Foster Sister, who has been his very best friend!

Best Wishes, Sashay!
Love, Foster Mom and Bis Kit

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  1. Happy Forever Piper! Great job foster mom and Bis Kit!!