Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hula Welcomes Summer back to Michigan!

Contributed by her Mom

Hula and Walther are happy to welcome Summer!

Hula joined our family in January, 2013.  We had recently lost one of our Cairns (CP's Caryn) in November, 2012, to kidney disease, and our other Cairn (CP's Walther), was very lonely as an only dog.  After much discussion, my husband and I decided to apply to adopt another CP kid.  As both Caryn and Walther had come from puppy mills, and as a result had some special emotional challenges, my husband requested that this time around we adopt a dog that was an owner surrender, even if it came with health issues.  

When looking through the available Cairns, we were drawn to Hula right away.  We were not deterred by the prospect of adopting a diabetic dog.  We have a diabetic cat that requires insulin twice a day, and both my husband and I are diabetic ourselves, so we were already very comfortable with giving injections.  We were drawn to Hula’s laid back, yet playful nature and thought she would be a good fit with our family.  We were very pleased when we were approved to adopt her!

Hula flew from sunny Florida up to frigid Michigan at the height of Winter.  Her Foster Mom and I were concerned she would have trouble acclimating, but it turns out that she loves the snow and was not at all affected by the cold!  The moment she walked into our house, despite having just had a long flight and a stressful time at the airport, she went right over to the dog toy box and selected a toy to play with, brought it over to us, and asked us to throw it for her!  

Hula loves her Special Blinking Ball!

Even with her vision issues (she has cataracts as a result of her diabetes), she immediately made herself at home.  Her only difficulty was learning to go up and down the stairs.  With patience, and some treats, she learned to master those in just a few weeks.  

Hula always welcomes a great belly rub!

Hula quickly bonded with Walther, my husband, and I.  She and Walther love to snuggle and play together.  She even gets along with our cats and chickens!  She still barks a bit at the horses, thinking, I believe, they are just really big dogs and wondering why they won't play with her!  

The family that naps together…

Hula has mastered the art of relaxing!

Now that the weather is warmer, Hula enjoys sitting on my husband's lap as he swings in his hammock chair.  She has amassed a large collection of toys, including Cuz toys (her personal favorite), tennis balls, and various squeaky toys.  I was even able to find some blinking light up balls that she has an easier time seeing.  She sleeps on our bed at night, and is extremely polite, always staying near the foot of the bed. 

Hula loves to sit on Daddy’s lap…

Hula is such a joy and a true little ray of sunshine!  Her calm, laid back attitude is such a benefit to Walther, who still sometimes gets scared of things like thunderstorms and loud noises.  When he sees her taking everything in stride, it helps him to feel more confident and relaxed as well.     

…and always enjoy a relaxing backrub!

We are working closely with our vet to keep Hula’s diabetes under control, and she goes in for regular testing and check ups.  She is such a delight and so easy going and patient that the vet techs all love working with her! 

We are so grateful to have Hula in our lives!     


  1. What a perfect family for Hula! Thank you so much for giving all of these Cairns a forever home. May God bless you all!

  2. We also have a diabetic Cairn adopted from Col. Potter (CP Prim, NKA Ruby). She is a joy and takes her injections like a champ after some initial frustration and challenges. Thanks for giving this sweet girl a home! She's a cutie!