Thursday, June 13, 2013

CP Promise nka Maddie Fluffs things Up!

Written by Maddie fka CP Promise

Maddie fka CP Promise has made herself right at home on New Mom’s lap!

CP Promise Here!  Well, Maddie now!  My New Mom decided that the name my Foster Mom had called me sounded good, so she kept it and officially changed my name. 

I promised I would write and let you all know how things were going and here I am – doing great!

Of course, I have to say that I was not wild about being put in that carrier to fly down here, but I managed.  Patty (my new big sister!) was really nice to me and let me check out the doggie area at the airport, and mingle with some fellow travelers – including a rescued Cairn puppy!  That was neat!

The airplane people were very nice and let us get in our seats early, and then Patty let me stretch out a little so I could relax and fall asleep – the best way to fly!  Then, we got off the plane and got in a car and drove to meet my New Mom!

CP Promise nka Maddie has one very happy New Mom!
She is Very nice, and I made her smile!  She let me wander around and check everything out, then she gave me my dinner and let me go back to sleep!  What a day!

The next morning, we all went to a new vet and I got a thorough exam.  The vet said my heart is strong and there are no signs of arthritis!  She checked out my teeth (except the missing ones, of course!) and took a look at my cute crooked ear (it had an old injury and is folded down, so it points sideways… a little extra personality!).  The vet and Mom set up my heartworm and flea prevention, set me up for some bathing and grooming, and a follow-up to check on my progress. 

Then we went shopping for new food and, more important, my favorite soft Milk Bones!  Yum!!!  Mom says I still need to loose a little weight so she has tried to get me to eat carrots and green beans as snacks, but I let her know I wasn't a fan…  Soft Milk Bones win!  Oh!  Mom also got another tag for me with my New name and address and phone number!  I feel so special!

The only problem I have had so far was those stairs up and down to the second floor.  I was not really sure what to do at first and took a few missteps.  Mom worked with me (using those favorite Milk Bones as incentive!) and I am making progress – not too fast, though!  Hehehehe!  I love those great Milk Bones!

Nice new dog bed, but I prefer to fluff up the blanket and settle on the sofa!
So, I am eating well, walking four times a day (some short, some longer), and following my New Mom everywhere!  She bought me a couple of sets of “doggie stairs” and put a set by the sofa in the living room and another by the chair in the office.  She also bought a nice “doggie bed”, but after she put the steps in place, I decided I prefer the couch!  I fluff the blanket on the couch, and I also fluff the comforter in Mom's bedroom.  I like to mound it up like a pillow, just high enough to put my head on and keep it "up."  I am sleeping very well!

I have met a bunch of my New Mom's friends and one of the neighborhood dogs, "Lady", a cocker spaniel.  Our first meeting went well and we played nice, and now we have a "play date" planned! 

I think this New Mom is a perfect match for me!  Thank you Col. Potter and everyone else who helped me find this great Forever Home!  My Mom is so Happy - and I am too!!!

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