Sunday, October 23, 2011

CP Kids MeetUp: Dobri and Rommel now Furever Fursibs

Rommel's new family stayed up late last night just to send this to us.  Here's Rommel meeting his sister for the first time.  They did this in the park (on neutral ground) and it looks like it was a good time.
Can't you just hear Dobri (CP's Pencil) saying:  "Wow, look what Mom and Dad got me!  Thanks, Mom!! Thanks, Dad!"
Marie mentioned that it looks like Rommel will be Daddy's boy, and since Dobri is Momma's girl, Dad would be elated to have a Daddy's boy.  Dobri is a little shy and Momma's girl, Rommel is bold and Daddy's boy.  Perfect!

Central Florida

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