Saturday, October 8, 2011

For Adonis Foster is Furever!

Adonis, of the Famous Lovers group, has gotten a mom that loves him for who he is, who loves him regardless of his issues. That would be me! 

Adonis didn't want to be touched when he got here and I've had to learn to not do that, to learn to respect his boundaries. There have been a few nips and a completely apologetic Adonis, but most people just wouldn't understand him or love him as I do. As with Nettie, who was a resource guarder, she would go on attack when she saw any other dog and I was touching her, and I love her dearly. Now she rarely has these tendencies, tho they do occur on occasion and without warning.

Adonis does well with the resident dogs, looks out for Nettie, and plays a little with my boy, Kenzie. I have loved this boy from day one, he's so handsome and just too smart for his own good. We will continue to work with his issues. He's such an important part of my life and I'm so thankful CP rescued him this year from the Ohio hoarder in February (they had 200 dogs stacked in crates inside the home).

Adonis is about 5.5 years old, but is such a independent thinker (like the girls) and almost like a grouchy old man. Vet exams/tests have shown no reason for his touchiness. He's had marvelous breakthroughs at my home and will continue to get better.

I so thrilled to be approved to adopt a second foster....didn't take as long to be approved as the first one in 2002, lol. There are some fosters you just don't want to live without and now I've got two of them. I would never have met them if it hadn't been for CP coming to the rescue of these precious babies. Please remember to play NLOL and donate what you can, either funds or be a foster home or a volunteer on another team. Without all of you, there would be so few cairns enjoying the good life they deserve.

Sandy A in TX

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