Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Yogurt a Day Keeps Annie Happy and Healthy

Yogurt Annie

I have been meaning to send this photo in for a while. This is our 18-year old (yes, 18!) Cairn girl, Annie. Her nightly ritual is diving (literally) into the yogurt cup after we have our yogurt. She gets it stuck on her nose every time (we never give the yogurt cup to her unsupervised because we would not want it there on her nose for too long!). Next to her in the photo is Scout, our CP kid (aka Franz).  He has no trouble getting the yogurt out as you can see by the clean cup on the carpet.  We adopted Scout two years ago from CP.
Reesa S

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  1. Fantastic story and a great picture! Annie has been way ahead of all the dogfood manufacturers. 'Probiotics' in complete foods is the new thing. Annie could have told them about the health benefits!