Monday, March 28, 2011

Adopting Minnie - Adopting an "Older" Dog

PAC Kay R sent the following: 
I thought everyone should read this wonderful letter update from one of our adopting families and one of my first families acting as a Post Adoption Co-ordinator…it not only made my day but many more days after that….Hurrah for all Col Potter volunteers, groups, and adopting families!

Hi There,

I hope that I included all of you who helped us to adopt our Cairn Terrier from Col. Potter !! 

One of you along the line said, "Keep us posted on how Minnie ( Minneapolis ) is doing because we never hear about them after they are adopted.  So, I thought that I would give you an update on our Minnie.

She was 8 years old yesterday.  Minnie is a joy to us and fits into our lives beautifully!  She now has us trained the way she wants things.  For instance, she loves belly rubs and massages as Foster Mom Susan calls it.  The minute I sit down after lunch, she comes for a belly rub and then she settles down for a nap.  But, before her nap ,she sits in front of my husband and "talks" to him because she wants him to move from his chair over to where her bed is so he will rub her a while and then she will go to sleep.

Same thing happens after supper, only she wants a massage then and she will "talk" to me until I pick her up for that.  Yes, she actually talks (makes her mouth go 90 miles a hour)  just like she is saying something to us.  Susan said she did this and I couldn't believe it, but she really does do that.  It is so cute!! Now, she does that to tell us when she wants out which is a BIG help.  She has very few accidents any more since we have agreed with her as to when it is time to go out for a walk or to the potty.

She has 2 or 3 toys that are her favorites and likes for us to throw them so she can run and get them and then play "keep away" with them  She really is a tease.  She still has the "cairntude" at times, but all in all is doing well in every way.  She gets along really well with our children's dogs that arrive here with them when they come for Virginia Tech football games and at other times (5 extra dogs in all!)  And, she knows no stranger!  She just LOVES people.

We just had her to the vet and she said that Minnie was doing well in every way but that she had gained a little more weight than she would like!  It is small wonder because Minnie eats EVERYTHING!  The only thing she doesn't like is celery.  So, now we are trying to cut back a little on the food a bit.  She even is cooperating with that!

We thought that we wanted a younger dog than this nearly 8 year old Cairn.  But, believe me, she has all the energy we needed.  If someone is hanging back about adopting an older dog and you know that they are our age (82 this year) and want a younger dog , we would be glad to e-mail or talk to them about our experience.

Thank you once again for all of your patience with us during the adoption time.  It was about this time last year that we started the adoption process for Minnie.  We do appreciate all of you and bless people like you who care about animals enough to work as hard as you do.  Anyhow, we thought that you might want to hear that all of your hard work for Col. Potter paid off in this instance anyhow.  Thanks so much.

Our love and appreciation to all of you,
Louise and Charlie D

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