Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remembering Olivia fka Balmy

In late Spring 2007, an adorable blond 7 year-old soon-to-be cairn princess started her new life in our home as very quiet foster. She was "Balmy" from the "Spring Weather Kids"; I called her Amy. Sofia and puppy Kiara shared their toys - her favorite was the parrot - and couch with her - she never asked for much. Amy was a skinny little girl with not much of a coat, but she knew what it meant to be beautiful. Soon, her forever Mom and Fursib Oliver the Westie found her and took her home to Boston. Now Olivia in a healthy curly blond coat, she knew love and joy. She had Grandparents to visit. It was the perfect life for a cairn princess, and everything a foster mom could want for her. I was not expecting the following news, but just from reading Susan's message, you know how much Olivia was loved. Run free pretty girl!


With tremendous sadness, I have to tell you that Olivia (fka Balmy) crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She had Lymphoma for about 5 months, and was doing very well in remission, but in the last few days she went down hill very quickly.
She died in my arms on the way to the vet.  She spent 8 years in the puppymill and that took a great a toll on her health.

As you know, she was a sweetheart. Olivia was my first experience with a puppymill dog, she taught me a lot in her gentle way about bravery and overcoming her fears.  When I first adopted her, she was a wonderful companion
to my older and blind Cairn, Ollie. Though they never played, they were very bonded and she seemed to know that she had to "see" for him.  When I adopted Saffy (fka Gershwin) and then Isadora (fka Ghost) she welcomed them and there was never a growl or a fight (well, she made sure nobody got near her food!). Livvy always ate like it was her last meal...she was very serious, not silly at all and was totally focused on me and was not terribly interested in other humans unless they had food!  No such thing as privacy, Olivia followed me everywhere throughout the day, into the bathroom, bedroom, upstairs, downstairs, and of course into the kitchen....there might be food! 

She loved all other dogs,large and small and loved having the two little girls (Saffy and Izzy) with her all the time. She kind of played with them in her own way. Livvy, Ollie, Saffy and I drove from Boston to our only CRAP in Rome NY; she was fascinated by all the activity and of course, meeting all the other dogs. She was very well
traveled and got to go to Portland OR and Montreal with me on business trips (Kimpton hotels are totally dog-friendly).  Though she was never perfectly toilet trained, she tried so hard and we compromised on one pee pad. That worked wonderfully.

All my memories of her are highlighted by her sweet, gentle, trusting nature....her Cairness only came out around her beloved food and the occasional chewy!

I have been unemployed for the last 7 months and while it has been bit difficult for me sometimes, Olivia loved having me home all day. In fact, I am so happy that we got to spend all that time together. She will always be a huge part of my heart.

Susan with a very sad Saffy and Isadora

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