Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to Our Best Friends

CPCRN is mourning 3 memorable cairn kids who recently left for the Rainbow Bridge.  Run Free Little Ones!

Lady Wabansia, one of the WCKs, had kidney failure and finally last week her daddy had to help her to Rainbow Bridge. Ken, her dad, just got off the phone with Michael who did his best to console him, however Ken is devastated. Lady was truly his "lady love" and went everywhere with him. He had relocated to Indiana recently to be close to his adult children and Lady was loving her new extended family.

Benny came to us in May, 2006 and was my first exposure to rescue - I had no idea what I was getting into. He was a scared PM boy that spent the first 7 1/2 yrs in a mill. He came with a lot of baggage. Over the past four years his progress was measured in baby steps. He was never interested in toys - but loved his bully sticks. He had no interest in playing but he and Heather had a meal time ritual where she wold try to engage him in play - and he bowed his head and wiggled his tail. He liked big dogs and would carefully go up to them and sniff them but that was it. He remained afraid of many people - but in the last 12-16 months decided that the house was his - and would run to the front door when the doorbell rang barking his head off. I held him and told him how much I loved him and what a good boy he was and he went peacefully. We buried him in the back yard and had Lexi and Heather check him over. His CP blanket and one of his bully sticks is buried with him. Benny would have turned 12 in July.

Winston came into CP with a dirty, torn toy called Roadkill Bob. I found a new replacement for him shortly after he arrived, but he still preferred the old, original Bob. Throughout his life with his forever mom, the original Roadkill Bob had to be mended many times, but remained his favorite toy. He was definitely not your typical Cairn. He didn't run, didn't chase prey, didn't bark much. Winston was a lover! There wasn't another living creature -- human or animal that he didn't love. I can still feel his kisses on my cheek, my lips, my forehead, my hand ... and I hope I never forget them.

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