Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hanna is Already a Winner!

Hanna, fka Hubbard, is at her forever home and is "doing fabulous," her forever mom, Taron, says. She says she is still a bit apprehensive, but things are getting better on all fronts.

Hanna seems to like taking over her brother Kwanza's crate. "Hey," Kwanza, protested, "it's too hot for both of us in here." But Hanna isn't budging, and the two of them provide a good laugh for Mom.
Mom, reports that Hanna still likes some of her alone time, but she hangs out at the top of the stairs, watching the action below. And though she is still a bit shy, she will sometimes sit with the family until bedtime.
Also, the walks are getting much better, though Hanna still isn't too keen on that leashee thingee. But, Mom says, she did "mark" on one of her walks which is a real good thing for her, and she is much-improved in her tail-wagging endeavors. Go Hanna. And look at that bow and bandana! She's quite the fashionista.

Hanna is not 100% yet on the housebreaking, but she's getting better.  And in the meantime, Taron says, "She's already a winner in my book!"

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