Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guinness - the Perfect Graduation Gift!

Foster BG aka Snickers has been adopted! He joins the small but ever growing group of second generation CP adoptive families. His new mom is Margeurite D, who just graduated law school and applied for him by name.

Her parents adopted the late Rooster Cogburn and Prophet so cairn rescue runs in their family!

BG's new name is Guinness.  He  will be settling in Atlanta for several months before they move to Montgomery. He will also be spending a 2 week vacation in New York later this summer.

As you can see by the pictures, Marguerite and Guinness hit it off wonderfully and he was very comfortable with her.

Thanks to Deb C for the matchmaking. He was our foster for 9 months and we will miss him but as I told Margeurite, we were the perfect foster home for him and she is the perfect forever home.

Bonnie in SC, Mom to CPs Bea, Neha and Zander - Foster BG is on the road with his new mom.

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