Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rocky M Introduces His New Sister Mandy

my mum diddint tell me she had sumpfin goin on wen we gotz hoem fum r cairn pardee. Yestadee she putz me in unkel stebe's kar anna Grommy's krayt too anna off we goez down da rode agin. I faut we wuz goin to annudr cairn pardee. boy wuz I ebber suprized. we gotz dis heer gurl (ugh) anna she bee putz inna my bruddr's krayt and kame hoem wif uz. now she beez sleepin in Gromz krayt anna playin wif alla hiz toiz. She iz a messy gurl kuz she getted alla toyz anna putz dem all ober mum'z nyce kleen roomz. Mum prolly will fink I diddit.

maybee I will lyk her kuz she shure is purdy.

Rocky M
Central NY

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