Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loutre is Now the Playful LuLu

Lulu is now a member of a pack. She joins Ceylon (CP) and Bear - all Cairns. Sounds like Lulu is going to be an alpha little girl. She somehow manages to get almost all the toys and is an expert at de-stuffing. She has gained a little weight and at a recent vet appointment weighed in at 10.8 pounds. She has brought a lot of life into the dog party. Bear, their 12 year old Cairn, is starting to play some around Lulu. Ceylon and Lulu just love to play. Lulu is tightly bonded to Sharon and this is wonderful. Bear and Ceylon are Robert's dogs. Turns out that just after they adopted Ceylon, Sharon had to leave because of a family emergency, and when she returned home Ceylon had latched on to Robert. So Sharon just loves that Lulu has bonded so tightly to her. These dogs have a wonderful home.

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