Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Gotcha Day for a Princess

I can't believe it has been a whole year since Chloe joined our little family. On June 29, 2008, after leaving her foster mommy Marie in VA very early in the morning, she finally arrived in upstate NY in the late afternoon. Needless to say she immediately let her new brother Gilly know that she was a Princess and to "stop sniffing me!" To this day he is cautious around her, even tho she has never told him off again! There were a lot of new scary noises here and she was very fearful at first, but she watched big brother and followed his lead in everything. Now a year later she loves to meet new people, go for walks, and to snuggle. Some sudden noises still scare her and she is fearful when coming in the back doors, almost as if doors had been slammed in her face. Toys are her passion and now she spends a good deal of time destuffing them, so that my floors often look like a stuffing factory blew up in here! But her true Princess nature comes out on walks. At least one time she puts on the brakes-"I'm a Princess and I will not walk any further--you must carry me" so she gets a brief carry and then it's back to a regular walk. It's hysterical to see: 4 paws firmly planted on the ground and a "you can't make me" look. Yes, she has everyone wrapped around her little paw, her brother looks at her like "oh give me a break!" and off we go on a happy little stroll.
Thank you Col. Potter for letting me adopt this sweetie.

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