Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweeney ~ A Col. Potter Angel Forever

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

CP Sweeney, Truly Loved for 8 years and Forever
Sweeney was a very special little boy who was rescued by two equally special Col. Potter Volunteers after seven years in a commercial breeder’s cage, and had his first taste of love via a McDonald's plain burger (aka, a “Sweeney Burger”) in the safety of his crate in the back seat of their car.

Sweeney had a crumpled ear, crusty eyes, a hernia, and “man” issues that needed to be resolved, but his sweetness was pure, and the loving care of his two Foster Moms brought out his best, guiding him to a wonderful Forever home where he thrived in every way!  Sadly, Sweeney was diagnosed with abdominal cancer a few years ago, but he continued to live a full, loving life to the end when he became an angel last week at the age of 15.

When you look at his beautiful, sweet face, it is hard to imagine someone stuffing him in a wire cage for seven long years, hauling him out only when needed to service a mill momma in heat…

CP Sweeney at Intake

Blessings to these courageous Volunteers who rescued this darling boy, and the loving Foster Moms who nurtured him, and most especially to his perfect Forever Home who gave him unconditional love every moment of every day they shared, giving Sweeney, on balance, a truly Wonderful Life.

May we all remember Sweeney’s story and feel the inspiration of his sweet spirit as we continue to Volunteer to do all we can to make a difference in the lives of his Cairn cousins.

Read about Sweeney’s Adoption Day!

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