Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sonny Boy Celebrates One Year in Forever!

Written by CP Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy here!

Sonny Boy here!  Can you believe it?  I have been here on the East Coast with Mom and Dad for a Whole year now!  What a year!

To begin with, 365 days ago, Foster Mom, way back there on the West Coast, took me for a long drive, and then she handed me over to some strange people at a big airline building, and I had no idea what to expect next.  My crate and I got moved around and carried into this great big shiny thing called an airplane, and later I could feel it moving, but I couldn’t see anything.  I decided to lay quietly in my crate, on my beautiful red towel, and I prayed that Foster Mom would come back and get me soon…  Well, that didn’t happen. 

I felt safe with my special red towel that smelled like Mom and Dad

Instead, some other strange people carried me out from the plane after it stopped moving, and they brought me to another strange building.  Then the most amazing thing happened!  All of a sudden, the smell of my red towel got stronger!  It was like magic!  I looked out and there was Mom and Dad – and they smelled just like my red towel!  Wow!  I was so happy to smell them!

Now I love being snuggly in my new bed!

“What a sweet boy!”  my new Mom said, so I smiled and told her I was “Sonny Boy”, not “Sweet Boy”, but I was O.K. if she wanted to call me “Sweetie”.  Dad had to drive the car, but I could see him smiling!

Mom thinks I'm a Sweetie!

So, that’s how it was a year ago, this very day, and so much has happened since then!  I used to be really scared of just about everything – even Oliver the cat, at first (well, he did swipe at me with his paw!) – but now we are best friends and I am much more relaxed.  For example, Mom sometimes reminds me how I used to jump up whenever she or Dad put a coffee cup on the table, but I don’t do that any more!

I love being in the Country with Mom & Dad!

I never used to play with any toys, but now I have all my own special toys and I love to play!  I have a wonderful, cozy bed, but I especially love to sleep in Mom’s lap!  I don’t really like it outside in the big city where we live, but I love it when Mom starts to get ready to go to the country!  I love it in the country!  I jump in the car and sleep peacefully all the way there!  The country is so full of squirrels and chipmunks – and I even met a horse there!

OK!  I’m ready to play!!

A while back I started to hurt when I walked and it turned out that I had Lyme disease, even though I take medicine to get rid of those darn ticks every month.  I had to take some more medicine for a while which I didn’t like, but it seems to have been worth it because my legs stopped hurting and my most recent blood test was really good!  My appetite is still fine, have no fear!  None of my troubles have reduced the gusto I display when it comes to meal time!

I Love my toys now!
…Especially my Froggie!
Mom and Dad have done so much for me all year, making me feel safe and loved, teaching me to be silly and playful, and taking lots of time to have trainers work with me and help me get over my fears.  My ears and my tail are up and happy so much of the time now, and I know I have Mom and Dad to thank for that!   I am so very happy that they were the ones who were waiting for me that day when I came off the plane!

My Mom says she has always loved it when August days turn into September, but now she loves that time of year even more because last August turned into "Sonny Boy's Here!" on September 1st – and that’s even better!

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  1. What a wonderful year you've had Sonny Boy! Here's to many more with your fantastic forever family. Thank you so much for sharing Sonny's update with us.