Saturday, October 5, 2013

Manny fka CP Manassas after 3 Years in Forever!

Contributed by his Mom

Manny fka CP Manassas

I adopted Manny three years ago, in August, 2010, and he's the love of my life!  I didn't want to confuse him further, so I kept the nickname “Manny” for Col Potter's name which was “Manassas”.

Manny is the only dog I've had who LOVES his toys!  He shows this love by taking all toys out of his toy box and strategically placing them all over the house so one is always within reach.  Messy house; happy dog.  We even sleep with a menagerie of favorites that he enjoys stalking, torturing, and killing as a restful sleep appetizer.

Nice catch!

Well, I was out shopping and saw some Gund toys.  One, a little worm critter, looked about Manny size and it made a cute giggling noise.  It was the same price as doggie toys so home it came.  As soon as he heard the giggle noise, Manny was smitten... and determined to kill it! Best toy EVER!

I wonder if it will move on its own…
What goes up…
…must be caught!
So, there!
…and There!

He captured it, tossed it in the air like a Hacky Sack, played keep-away and tug of war!  If I captured it, he wouldn't take his eyes off it until he seized it once more.  He kept his eyes on the prize!  When the time was right, he pounced.  Then with a shark-like attack, he went for the kill!  Poor Wormy!  First he lost an eye.  Then I found wormy entrails around the house.  His giggle was but a memory...  "I am Manny! No critter escapes these mighty jaws!"  What a guy!

Mom?  Can we go shopping again???

Many Thanks to Foster Mom, Susan M. and Col. Potter for rescuing Manny!  He's a little hunk o' luv!

Check out Manny’s Intake Story:

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