Monday, August 22, 2011

Bella: All the Love and Comforts of Home

Hello Aunt Mary,

It's Bella. Do you remember me. Of course you do. It has been two years since I came to my forever home and I am just loving it. They say it's a dogs life and they have no idea. It has been a busy summer for Mommy and Daddy. It seems that Daddy is at work a long time lately. We know because he's the one that usually lets us out and we have not been getting out as early. Mommy has even beat Daddy home a few times. He says it will get better in a while. I sure hope so because when he's not here I miss him something awful. DeDe is doing fine and so is Grandpa. Mommy and Daddy went on a trip this spring and Grandpa came and stayed with us. I like that a lot too because he spoils us.

Mommy and Daddy have decided they needed to lose some weight so they started walking and of course you know what that means. They make me walk too. I can go for a little bit but then when I decide that I've had enough, I just plant my little butt and someone has to carry me. Guess who carries me. I kind of do that on purpose because then I get to be in Daddy's arms. Aren't I a little princess?

Here is a photo of me in my little "Princess" nest. Daddy thinks that I am the sweetest. I hope that everything in your life is going great. Say Hi to all your little ones for me. If I am ever traveling through the area I will let you know and we can stop by and play for a bit. Same thing goes for you. Stop by anytime you are in the area.


From Mom and Dad,

We could not have asked for a better little girl. She continues to be the apple of my eye. She is just a delight to have around and has become the sister we wished for DeDe. It is so hard to believe that she came into our lives two years ago. Where does the time go? This little one deserved to have a good home from the start. The folks that gave her up first have no idea what they gave up but we are so happy to have her and we will continue to keep her healthy and spoil her in the manner she deserves.

Have a great rest to the summer.

Jim & Cindy

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