Saturday, August 13, 2011


Posted by PicasaCrockett was my second foster - Tubbs was the first. The "Miami Vice" as they were known. If I recall, they were both strays picked up near Miami. Tubbs was a handful and eventually went to a new foster mom, but he was a VERY good looking cairn.

Crockett - not so handsome. He had horrible skin and coat and required frequent Malesab baths for a serious yeast infection. But personality and sweetness planted him firmly in my heart. We had a great vet who worked with Bonnie B on the treatment. I introduced that vet to Wellness food which helped Crockett immensely. And after being diagnosed with low thyroid and starting medicated, Crockett's skin and health improved by leaps and bounds.

Eventually, an adoption interest emerged - an retired man and his wife in Ocala Fl, about 2 hours from me. So Crockett and I took a road trip to meet them. They had a little Shih-Tzu, Tanner (so named because he was neither "tan ner white". Crockett fell in love with Bob & Saundra as well as Tanner and the great back yard. Eventually, they adopted my guy and I visited several times until they moved to North Carolina.

Bob just sent me the most recent photo of Crockett, who must be about 10 yrs old now. He's more handsome than ever, thank to lots of loving from Bob & Saundra and his new half-pint fursib. 

The tender- loving care Col. Potter gave Crockett on his road to health and happiness cannot be overlooked. It has been oft-repeated in other CP Kids, and is read daily in the posts we exchange about current fosters.

Just wanted to share another happy-ever-after about a cairn named Crockett Dary!

Thanks CP, Bob & Saundra - Tanner too, who is now at the Rainbow Bridge!

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