Saturday, August 6, 2011

Riley and Mollie Go on Vacation

Last week, Mollie and Riley had a vacation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They had a house with lots of windows to survey the yard. When it wasn't too hot, they went kayaking, boating and played in the shade. 

The house was on a creek and the bank was piled with rocks. Riley kept asking "if I'm a Cairn Terrier, why can't I play on those rocks?" She didn't know that mom was worried about snakes or whatever else she might find in there. Her "inner terrier" came out when she realized there were rabbits living under the shed. These rabbits didn't know what they were up against. They just kept coming out to eat grass without any regard for their safety! The man next door kept telling mom to let them off their leashes. Mom said "you don't understand, 
these are Cairn Terriers!" 

They made it the whole week without killing anything except a few bugs that Riley took care of for us. She is quite stubborn when you try to take her away from something she wants to do. She also ran back-up for Mollie when the neighbor dogs got to close. She went trotting off, tail wagging with her little "ruff ..........ruff" behind Mollie's "RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF" It was great to see her coming out of her shell a little more. They even slept together on a chair, something Mom never thought she would see.

Leslie in PA
Mom to Mollie and Riley (CP's Tramp)

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