Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Star of the Class!

Here is a picture of Wilton at his first obedience class with his new Mom. Wilton just graduated last Saturday as his Mom says: "The Star of the Class". He went with his friend, Mia, another CP dog and the fur daughter of one of our Matchmakers.

Wilton's story is so special. He was found as a young stray roaming a farm and sleeping with the barn cats at night. The family loved him, but felt he needed more attention than they could give him. He has had many experiences in his young life. The vet estimates that he is between 18-20 mo. He loves his cat siblings, and especially Sylvester. While Mom is at work, he and Sylvester roam the big house they live in rearranging the rugs and hiding things in Wilton's toy box.

Wilton has brought great joy to his Mom, and she to him. Wilton's home is in Boston, but he also has a summer home in NH that he will be spending time at this summer with his Mom. Whether Sylvester goes on these weekend outings is yet to be determined based on his ability to control his mischief and influence on Wilton. Wilton was named by the Intake Coordinator to honor another little cairn (shelter name of Will) who was killed by a vehicle just before finding his freedom. Wilton will keep his name. His Mom loves his name, and it truly fits him.

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