Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Love Transforms - Both Cairn and Owner!

I have always been a cat person. Please don't get me wrong, I have loved my dogs. Cats, however stole my hearts.

Enter Vito....

Vito (fka Zucchini) is a Col Potter rescue pup. He went through his first six years in a sad lonely pup mill. He reached the home of his foster Mom because of the efforts of Col Potter. Chris and her family gave Vito a great start. Was I looking for a six year old pup with missing teeth, not house trained, who had no idea of a world outside a puppy mill? No, but I saw his picture, read his bio and knew that sometimes the universe knows best.

We brought home a tired scared pup. He was my shadow. It took a few days, but Vito started to trust that life really had changed. I followed the advise from the blog and tethered Vito to my waist. He was smart and eager to please. House trained in a week. His growling and snapping problem started shortly after. I called my post adoption coordinator. She helped me to understand life from Vito's point of view. I gave him time and some space. Problem solved.

Digestion and breathing problems came next! After lots of visits to Dr. Goma, Vito was diagnosed with IBS. He had had multiple untreated respiratory infections during his internment. It left his lungs scared. A small dose of steroids and prescription food solved the problem.

Vito is making progress. He is learning to be a dog thanks to his cairn cousin Puck and his "fitness hounds" friends.

Vito gives me gifts of love every day. Last night I got the best gift of all! Vito let me snuggle up to him while he slept. His love is given with abandon.

I will always be a dog person.

Maryellen F
Rehoboth, Ma
Adoptive Mom of Zucchini~Col Potter Pup

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