Friday, May 7, 2010

Emerson and a Cairn Meet-Up

What do you do when you love cairns (and who reading this blog doesn't?) and you live where there a lots of cairns?  Have a "Meet-up"!!  CP Kid Emerson reports with photos:

Hi--Seems like there are a lot of Cairns in our area, and someone pulls together a Meet-Up every several weeks. This was the first we could attend, and it was held at my favorite dog run. There were 11 other Cairns there, and of course, Mom said I was the handsomest!  We were all on our best behavior and displayed our best barking!  I'm hard to see in the group photo, but that's me on the left with a Cuzin who also has wheaten coat and dark ears.
Hey, if you have a "Meet-up", why not send your update and photos to this blog?

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