Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OhBee fka CP BooBoo Blizzard a Canadian Forever!

Written by OB fka CP BooBoo Blizzard

OhBee fka CP BooBoo Blizzard aka OB

Hello, all my Col. Potter Friends!  Hello, Foster Mom!  You all remember me as CP BooBoo Blizzard, that handsome devil of a Foster who came in from the cold last January, but now I answer to “OhBee” or “OB” for short (…heeheehee!), and now I’m a Canadian!

Anyway, when I arrived at my Foster Home, I discovered that I had a lot of adjusting to do, living in a House and having brothers and sisters, but I put my mind into it (with a lot of help from Foster Mom!) and by March I was ready to move again to my Forever home – in Canada!

I have to admit, this new adjustment hasn’t been nearly as difficult, thanks to all of Foster Mom’s work, but also thanks to my new Family!  They are great!  My new Canadian lifestyle includes going to the beach, going kayaking, boating, paddle-boarding, swimming, and, of course, there is still lots of snow and ice up here!

I love to ride up front to navigate…

…but I’m also a good sternman!

My Mom thinks I’m “a funny little boy” and she is so happy that I get along so great with my new sisters.  I also love to sing!  …Well, maybe it’s more of a howl, but it’s full throated and music to Mom’s ears – most of the time!

Being a Canadian Cairn is great!

Anyway, Mom says to say “Thanks!” again to the excellent Volunteers at Col. Potter – and especially my Foster Mom, Christy C. – because I wouldn't have this great new Life - and my family wouldn’t have Me - if it wasn't for you all!!!

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