Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kaper (CP’s KPax) Turns Eight!

Contributed by his & Ginger’s (fka CP Spangle) Mom

Ginger, fka CP Spangle, and Kaper, fka CP KPax

I want to thank Col. Potter for rescuing Kaper (fka CP KPax), who just turned eight years old on August 18, 2013.  He was saved by CP two and a half years ago after spending the first five years of his life as a puppy mill breeder dog.  He is a special little gentleman who loves curling up with me and going on walks. 

I also want to thank you all for Ginger (fka CP Spangle), who will soon celebrate her first gotcha day here!  She turned three in June and she is a sweet little girl with all the energy of a puppy.  She was a puppy mill breeder dog also, and was rescued by Col Potter at age two.  I am fortunate to be the Forever Mom for both these kids.  They are still wary of strangers, but are adjusting well.

I've attached a photo of Ginger and Kaper.  They look posed, but they often sit that way.  Here are two more perfect examples of why everything Col Potter does is so important.

Thanks from a grateful Forever Mom!

Ellen in Massachusetts, with Kaper and Ginger

CP KPax at Intake
CP Spangle at Intake

Here is the Gotcha story for Kaper “the Dart”:

Here is KPax’s B&B story:

Here is KPax’s Intake story:

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