Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gruffyn Tales

Foster Mom Bonnie sent to great update from Gruffyn's furever Mom:

Unfortunately no photos...I'm sure everyone remembers how much Gruffy hated to have his pictue taken while here. ;) But, wonderful news from Gruffy's new home with former mill girl Missy Tinker:

One might think Gruffy has lived with us his whole life. After investigating the entire house he settled down as if he owned the place. His favorite place to nap is a back cushion on the sofa, they are squishy down like pillows and he has worked it into a "well" that fits him perfectly.

Missy is acting like his mother! He was in his red jammies for the first time in a while and she had to check him out very carefully to make sure they fit him properly. Gruffy whines when he see the cat and Missy has to go comfort him. Head scritching and tummy rubs may start out with Gruffy on my lap and Missy beside us until Gruffy slides down on top of her. Neither one seems to mind.

Don't know how much weight Missy has lost, but she can now wear her pink polka dot parka: Gruffy feels a little heavier, his ribs and spine don't feel so prominent.

The most interesting thing about Gruffy is the change in his color. The dark gray/wheaten patch now covers most of his left flank and the fur up the middle of his back is turning gray. The fur is still fine and thin and I don't think he will ever get back a thick coat like Missy. Oh and I am amazed at how high he lifts his leg to pee. Soooo high he almost topples over.

He and Missy are getting very close. Right now they are sleeping side by side on the sofa.

He looks so jaunty when we go for a walk, with his head held high and his tail at attention. It's like he knows he is a spiffy dude. Eat your hearts out all you girl dog divas!
I (Foster Mom) asked if she might think about returning Gruffy as we miss him sooooo much and
here is her reply: Ummm, talk to me about returning Gruffy in about 30 years or so.

It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
Bonnie in OH with Cairns Gilly & Janna with our precious Georgie
at the Rainbow Bridge, and foster Twitch aka Bunny

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