Tuesday, May 5, 2009

GoodBye Tarkio - Hello Chewy!

On Saturday we packed up Tarkio's belongings and headed off to meet his new family. First we stopped and picked up Mr. Salty and he hitched a ride with us to Richmond, VA. After handing him over to Joy, we met up with Tarkio's new family. I was worried about how he would do and if he would be scared, but it went very well. I think he will be very loved and once he gets settled in he will have two boys to play with and hopefully wear him out! I think they will be surprised how active he is for an "older" cairn. I will miss his sweet little face and his cuddles (I already do) but I'm so happy he has his own family and a great life ahead of him. Thank you Col. Potter and everyone who was a part of his journey from puppy mill to high cotton. Attached is a picture of Tarkio - now Chewy - and most of his new family. Notice they are all redheads (including Dad who wasn't in the picture) so Chewy will never even know he was adopted.

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