Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who's the Boss?

Alpha: adj. Having the highest rank in a dominance hierarchy…

Size does not matter! This Cairn Terrier puppy is all Alpha all day long!
Are you Alpha in your home?

Are you sure???

Alpha is an attitude, not a raised voice or a raised hand.  It flows from within and its message can be silently transmitted by a simple Look.

Left to their own devices, dogs are naturally pack animals, and, as with any pack, there must be an Alpha dog to whom the other dogs defer.  The Alpha can be male or female, and any sign of weakness can set the stage for a take-over by the next most confident dog.

When you bring a puppy or a Rescued dog – Cairn Terrier or otherwise – into your home, you must be certain, from the start, that everyone understands that you are the Alpha pack leader.  Just as the Alpha dog controls the pack with their attitude, confident look, and correction, as needed, you will tell your puppy, with every look, every action, and every move, that you are Alpha, not them.

When you give your puppy a toy and when you pick it up and put it away, you are saying “I am Alpha!”

When you ask your puppy to “Sit!” for a treat, you are saying – as you make them wait just a bit – “I am Alpha!”

When you pick them up and gently maintain control, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

When you gently touch your puppy’s body while they are eating, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

When you calmly correct a puppy nip or nibble, you are saying, “I am Alpha!”

If you doubt yourself or are hesitant to respond to any infraction, you will lose your Alpha status.  Any sign of uncertainty, and your Cairn Terrier will step right in – have no doubt about that!

Doing even simple training exercises, every day, you will keep things clear as to who is the boss.

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