Saturday, October 23, 2010

From Kansas to Canada - O'Duffy is a Cairnadian!

O' Duffy, now known as Willy, is not a Yankee anymore. He is now living in beautiful Wasaga Beach, ON Canada with his new proud parents and happy-go-lucky brother, Fred the Schnauzer. As you can see Willy is a much loved dog and making his family proud and happy. Willy flew up to his new home on Friday and seems to have made himself quite at home. Congratulations to Tim, Jan, Fred, and Willy McLeod.

Hi Mary and Bev,
Jan decided to let me do tonight’s update as she’s busy doing banking and getting ready for Willy’s first visit to out vet tomorrow.

Today was day three with Wonderful Willy, and it just keeps getting better and better! This morning started out great with me taking both boys out to do their morning business as soon as they got up. Willy did both duties within about three minutes and was back waiting at the door for Fred to finish. Back into the crates while I got their breakfast ready and then I released the beasts to devour their food. Fred eats in the kitchen and Willy in the back room, just outside his pen. Then they switch positions to check and see if the other left any morsels uneaten. Then back into their crates for half an hour to let their meals settle, and back outside for some exercise.

Both Willy and Fred seem comfortable initiating play and both are okay if the other isn’t interested at the moment. You’d think they’d been together all their lives! Today Willy spotted a squirrel and chased it up a tree, then tried to climb the tree after it. He was so determined, I actually thought for a moment he might do it! They had such a good time in the back yard this morning that I decided to bypass the morning walk and just let them enjoy themselves. By the time they were finished they were ready for a morning nap. After an hour or so the came out and had a good play in the house, then back out for another bathroom break.

Willy has been amazingly swift to learn the cable run. He remembers which side of which tree he has to go on and rarely wraps himself around a tree. At the same time both boys are getting better at not getting their cables crossed. I thought it would take a lot longer than this to teach them but everything is going so well.

This afternoon we left them alone in their crates for an hour or so while we went to visit Jan’s Mom in the nursing home. There was no problem when we went out and both were sleeping when we came home. Tomorrow we’ll do it again a few more times to get ready for the work week but it certainly doesn’t appear that it will be an issue.

Tonight after the family walk the boys had another BIG play inside and then both collapsed in front of the fireplace. I wish we had a picture of that scene, but I know both of them would have bounded up to see what we were doing if we went to get the camera. I’ll have to plan ahead for it next time.

Willy and Fred are such a good match it’s almost as if we’re living in a dream. Fred is much happier with Willy here, and Willy really seems to enjoy his company too.

Thank you Mary for the amazing job you’ve done in turning our scared little boy into the most loving companion we could ever wish for. He’s fitting into our family very well and you can tell he’s feeling more secure here every day. We can’t thank you enough.

We saw your last update on Willy on the CPCRN website. Thank you so much, it was very touching and we want to assure you that we will give him the best care that we can for as long as he is alive.
Thanks again to both of you for all you’ve done. There will be more updates as the week goes on.

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