Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flower's Swimming Hole

Here is Flower in her personal swimming pool - life guard supervised, of course.  She loves it as you can tell. It will be sad when it gets colder, the pool will be closed until next spring. The green vegetation is water cress, ready to be picked.  She is the best cairn in the world - I am just a little prejudice. 

She now loves going in the car, but still can't have any food before. I am sure she will get better with time. We are going on a big adventure next week - a visit to my sister's in Va.    Louise (Corgi), Flower and I are going to spend a few days with their cousins ( 4 legged) and my sister.   Flower loves to play with "Maggie" who is a miniture version of an Irish Setter.   Louise and her sister, Thelma, will be happy to watch.   
All the best,


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