Saturday, April 10, 2010

Presenting a New Col. Potter Video - About Our Puppie!!!!

Dear Rescue family.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is proud to present our latest video under the wonderful direction of CPCRN'S Media group with Karen O as FILM DIRECTOR.

Look at these ADORABLE PUPPIES trying to be potty trained with baby belly bands already, and doing THE CAIRN THING, chewing on RUBY SLIPPERS . . . . so please follow our YELLOW BRICK ROAD and enjoy this video.

Danielle R, Founder
And a word from Director Karen O:

ColPotterCairnRescue — April 09, 2010 — Spring is in the air! Most of these puppies were rescued by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. A large majority of them were rescued inside the bellies of their mommas, from breeding facilities and were whelped in a clean, warm environment at a foster home. Thanks to your generous donations, Col. Potter was able to rescue them from these less than desirable situations. Sit back and enjoy these adorable Cairn Terrier puppies!

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