Sunday, October 18, 2009

Towsy & Wullie - now Maddie & Marley

Deb C in Bremen, GA sent this adoption story about Towsy & Wullie:
Well, As a foster mom and a picky one I might add, I had the privilege of fostering these 2 wonderful furbabies. The MatchMaker Keren, found them a wonderful home together. My heart couldn't be happier. Michelle the mom has called me 3 times with just glowing reports...she says they love them so much...Wullie (Marley) is behaving his puppy self as best as he can and Miss Towsy (Maddie) is just the same loving little teddy bear she was here. Towsy has regressed some in her potty training, she was having a hard time getting that down pat here. But they are just dealing with it and going right along. What could be more wonderful to a foster moms heart than to see them in their new home with the new family? Please enjoy the montage Michelle put together and you can see why my heart is so full.

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