Saturday, September 26, 2009

Napolean's Bike Ride

Hi everyone! I hope this link works to show the pictures of the bike basket I bought for Napoleon. We just got it on last night so just took a real quick ride to see how he would like it. He LOVED it. Alexandra was taking the pictures and when we came back, she took Napoleon in so I could start mowing. He was NOT happy -- wanted to stay with Mom and ride the bike more! :-) I can't wait to go riding with him on Saturday and take him for a longer ride. He was perfect -- I got him all snapped in and he just looked around and smiled. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Keren in Oklahoma with Napoleon -- cuzins I gots to go bik riding! Tell yur moms to get you a basket! It was fun!
Ginger -- I didn't get to go bik riding but dats ok wif me.
Willie -- I would have to be chained in to stay in the basket and even that would be no guarantee, and Columbus (Bubby) -- I stays hom wif Wiwwee and pway wif him.

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