Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello from Coco's family fka Mudslide

Furever Mom Kristis sent this great update to Mudslide's Foster Mom Chris:

Just wanted to give you an update on Coco with some pictures. We're getting ready to drive home to Kentucky next week. Coco and Peanut are both coming along for the long drive. She really enjoys going home with us. It gives her a chance to get even more attention than she already gets! She loves visiting her grandparents and her fur cousins. Lots of playtime during the holidays for her!

Coco starts basic obedience next month. We have already taught Coco "sit" on our own and it only took her less than a week to learn! I thought it would take longer since she can be a bit stubborn, but she learned very fast. She will even sit without a treat and when our friends tell her to sit. Good to know that we will not necessarily need to use treats to train Coco and that she will do tricks for a nice head rub. This is the complete opposite of Peanut who is VERY food driven. We always say that Coco eats to live while Peanut lives to eat.

We were going to try and train Coco on our own, but she is VERY stubborn when it comes to the command "come". She hears us when we tell her come, but she acts like she can't hear us and doesn't see us and continues to patrol the yard for geckos and frogs. She sees keeping the geckos and frogs away from the house as her job. If she sees one, there is no getting her attention back to you unless you walk over and pick her up. We have had to fish her out of the bushes many many times.

Other than the training issues Coco is doing great! We are sooo happy to have her and couldn't imagine life without her. She is such as sweet dog and has such a funny personality. She can bark/howl in all sorts of ranges. It's funny to hear the noises that come out of her mouth sometimes. We're not sure whether to call the noises she makes a bark or howl or groan. Very funny sounds! It makes us laugh.


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