Thursday, July 31, 2014

Muffy in Memoriam

Written by her Mom

Muffy at 15 years old

Muffy was a member of our family for seventeen years.  She was only half Cairn, and while she didn’t look like a Cairn, her personality was all Cairn.  She was our only child for six years and went everywhere with us.

Muffy loved to grab Dad’s recliner!

Muffy was a wild child when she was young, and she would race through the house like she was crazy, or zoom perfect crazy eights in the yard till her tongue was hanging out.  She had a strong prey drive and once, when she cornered a chipmunk behind something in the yard, she would not give up.  After several hours I had to pick her up and bring her in the house to rest.  Muffy could also be stubborn which I loved about her too.

Muffy didn't look Cairn...

When Muffy was an only child, she knew when bedtime was and she would head to bed right before us to pick her spot on the bed - which was usually with her head laying on one of our pillows!  When we came to bed, she would relent and give us our spot, but she had to lay right between us.  If she thought you were taking up too much room she would kick us to move over:)

...but she acted pure Cairn!
Muffy was super smart.  It only took her once or twice to catch on to any training I did with her.  She knew all her toys by name and always knew where each one was if you asked her to get a certain toy.  She would trick Dad by asking to go out and as soon as he got to the door, she would run and steal his recliner!  I swear she was actually laughing at him:)  Once when my girlfriend was over with her epileptic daughter, Muffy alerted us right before the daughter had a seizure. 

Muffy brought Mom & Dad to Col. Potter, thus helping many Cairns in need.

Muffy is the reason we became involved with Col. Potter.  She was our gentle, dignified, alpha girl, and was a wonderful mentor to all of our Fosters.  She loved all people and most other dogs, as long as they had manners:)
Muffy was one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of dogs.  We have so many wonderful memories with her, and we miss her terribly.

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

In Memoriam A.H.H. by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, excerpted from Canto 27.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buddy fka Sainted Riley has a New Sister!

Written by his Proud Foster Mom

Buddy fka CP Sainted Riley and his New Sister, Lena!

Our first Foster boy, Sainted Riley (now Buddy) was adopted almost 5 yrs. ago by a wonderful guy in Ohio.  He got married 2 years ago and, in early July, they had a new baby girl, Lena.

Adam wrote to me a few months ago and asked if I had any suggestions as to how to prepare Buddy and Mia (he also adopted his Foster girl) for Lena's arrival.

I told him to buy a large baby doll and to wrap it up in a blanket and carry it around, rock it at night, and put it in the swing and crib various times during the day/evening.  I told him to let the Cairns sniff and lay next to the pretend baby, but to teach them not to step on the baby or to yank or pull the blanket.

I also told him to bring home a receiving blanket from the hospital that Lena had been swaddled in - and the messier the blanket the better!

He did all of those things, and they are doing great - especially Buddy!  They are always with them, as in right next to them at all times, but Adam and his wife are extremely please with the canine/baby bonding process.

Pam E.
Proud Foster Mom
Normal, IL

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Teddy Rocks in the Cradle of Forever Love!

Written by Teddy fka CP Sir. Albert

Teddy fka CP Sir. Albert making himself right at home!

Hi there, Col. Potter Family!  Teddy here!  You probably remember me as CP Sir. Albert, but my Mom and Dad adopted me last October and decided to call me Teddy, I think because I’m so cute like a little Teddy Bear!  I also think my Mom and Dad were a little confused when they adopted me because I’m not really sure if they realize that I’m actually a dog, not their baby?  Not that I’m complaining!  It works out just fine for me!

What a sweet baby!

Mom and Dad adopted me when I was about 6 years old, and I came to them with some bad allergies.  After lots and lots of doctor visits, my Mom and Dad think they are getting me on the right track, and I do feel much better now!  I love my Mom and Dad so much for taking such good care of me, and I show my appreciation by taking my pills with no problems.

Mom and Teddy bundled up to brave the cold Mid-west Winter.

The only thing I think Col. Potter really messed up was that they sent me to a very cold place!  I’m not sure where it is, and I don’t understand why my Mom and Dad would agree to live here, but, boy, did it get cold here!  I had to wear a jacket and booties all Winter when we went outside!  Being the stubborn little Cairn that I am, I showed my disdain for the cold weather by conveniently un-learning all my good potty behaviors.  Yes indeed!  I fixed it so I didn’t have any reason to go out in the cold anymore!

Of course, Mom got wise to what I was doing and started re-training me to go potty outside so I wouldn’t have any excuse.  Actually, it worked in my favor as I got lots and lots of carrots to reward my great behavior.  I did get a little cocky, though, and started to pretend to pee and poo outside just to get carrots.  Worked pretty good at first, but Mom caught on pretty quick and that idea went out the window!  Oh well!

Dad's pillow is just Perfect!

To be honest, however, I’ve been living a pretty good life with Mom and Dad, so I have no complaints.  When I first moved in, Dad had something called “rules” for me and, for example, I wasn’t “allowed” on the couch or in bed.  He-he-he-he!  That didn’t last very long!  Man, do I love to sleep with my Mom and Dad!  When Mommy tells me it’s bed time, I know just what to do: Jump into bed and go straight to Daddy’s spot!  I don’t usually get to stay there too long, but I sure enjoy it while it lasts!

Teddy loves day-care!

Since my parents can’t spend all day every day with me, like I wish they could, they send me to doggy day care at least once a week.  I LOVE day-care!!  As soon as Mommy asks me if I want to go to day-care, I go bonkers!  I can’t help it though!  They have slides, and pools, and people to pet and love on me all day!  Don’t tell my doggy friends, but the ladies at day-care tell me I’m their favorite!  One day when it was rainy at day-care, the vet staff took me into the offices and put me in the break room so they could just play with me - while the other dogs had to play in the kennels all day.  Yup!  Spoiled at home and at day-care!

Teddy just double checking his Dad’s work!

My Mom and Dad must have been pretty bored before they adopted me.  Since I’ve been here, all they ever want to do is hang out with me!!  Whether it’s watching TV, going for walks, or going home to visit family, they want me with them all the time!  I can’t imagine what Mom and Dad did before I arrived, but I’m ok with it.  Being their baby isn’t too bad of a job for a mature little man like me!  Well, maybe “mature” is stretching it a bit!

Yes, all things considered, I’m doing pretty darn good here at my new digs!  Mom and Dad are great – although they could be a little less stingy with the treats!  I’ll give them a little more time and I’m sure they’ll figure it out!

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