Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Kayla La...

Sweet Kayla La fka CP Mancala, Santa's Gifts 12/2008

Sweet Innocence has no finer representative...
We will treasure you Always, Sweet Kayla La...

Kayla's Intake Story:

Kayla's First Gotcha Day:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Toast to the Dude!

Written by Dude fka CP Blaiser (with a little help from Mama)

Dude fka CP Blaiser has been Home for a Year!

Hello Col. Potter people!  The Dude here, after celebrating my very first Gotcha Day on March 29th with a gala party in my private backyard.  Guests included my sisters, Lucky Girl (a cat), Alex (a cat), the lovely Lovie Dovie (a beautiful Cairn), and of course, Mama herself. (Here in Alabama we say “Mama”.)

Lovie Dovie used to be CP’s Gloves - my long-time girlfriend and fellow Foster down in Texas.   I must have been a very good boy, because Mama surprised me for Christmas by adopting her too and reuniting us!

Anyway, back to my party!  For eats we had dog and cat treats with a bowl of yogurt for dipping.  Yum!!!  I had to restrain myself from being a piggy because I really love yogurt!  And bubbly too!  The guests toasted me with sparkling, effervescent “Terrier Water” (I think that’s what Mama called it?).  Then they all (but mostly Mama) sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Cairn!”  I almost lost it and cried, but I was able to man it out.  Mama recorded the event with pictures.  I wanted Lovie to come take a picture with me, but she is so shy she wouldn’t do it.

Oh…  Come on, Lovie Dovie!  The camera doesn’t really put on ten pounds…

Mama Nature smiled on me as we had beautiful sunny weather - after a rather unseasonably bad Winter – so we all really enjoyed the day!  We also played with some party favors that Mama bought us.  Lovie got a cow squeaky, the kitties got balls with bells inside, and I got an elephant squeaky.  It has a thick rubber middle where the squeaky is so I can’t destroy it.  Not that I would do that on purpose, of course, but I am all boy and rather hard on my toys…  Well, it is so much fun to pull them apart!

Oh, this “Terrier Water” is so refreshing!

Well, it’s been an exciting and wonderful year, and I couldn’t have done it without help from all the great folks at Col. Potter who found me at the puppy mill and got me to safety, then taught me to be a good boy so I could find a great Forever home.

Thank you to all the wonderful Col. Potter Volunteers!