Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lucy 101

Contributed by Lucy’s Mom

Beautiful Lucy, blinded by SARDS, but a vision always!

There are many wonderful Col. Potter Volunteers who became involved after they adopted a CP Cairn, but some of us are here thanks to Cairns like my Lucy, and I want to share her story.

Lucy was my introduction to the Cairn breed!  I’d had a little Terrier mix named Gismo, and when he went to the bridge, I knew I wanted another Terrier, so I looked at Petfinder for “Terrier”.  Lucy’s sweet little picture came up and I immediately contacted the rescue that she was with.  Within a few weeks, she was a member of my family but little did I know what was in store for me… 

Lucy at one year old – ready to teach Mom a few lessons!

Lucy was a spitfire and I learned all about her and about Cairns in a crash course called Lucy 101!  Lucy had been surrendered to the rescue because she had been “picking on” the Poodle in the home – sound familiar?  She was 11 months old and all attitude.  I immediately enrolled in obedience training as I knew, without a doubt, that this little girl could - and would - take over if I did not have all my ducks in a row.

In order to find out more information on this little Terror, er, I mean Terrier, I joined the Terrier Club and it was there that I learned about Col. Potter.  After Lucy and I had settled in, I applied to be a Foster Home and the rest is history.   Lucy welcomed her 2 Cairn brothers – and taught them who was the boss (and it was not them).  She welcomed many a Foster, and showed more than one puppy mill kid how to play. 

Lucy and her bunny – a special greeting for special visitors!

She did love to play!  When anyone came to visit, Lucy always greeted them with a toy in her mouth!  Hearing a knock on the door, Lucy would frantically run around until she could find a toy, and then she would run to the door!  For the people she really loved, like my son and daughter, she would touch the toy to their leg or hand – I think trying to kiss them but unwilling to let go of the toy! 

Lucy sitting for Mom in 2005

About 3 years ago, Lucy developed SARDS and was totally blind, but that did not stop her.  She was so good about getting around the house that I would have to tell people that did not know her that she was blind.  About a year ago, she was diagnosed with kidney failure and we kept this at bay until the last couple of weeks, when it escalated.  She stopped eating and I knew it was time to free of her body and let her soar at the bridge.  She was miserable and she let me know that it was time. 

Lucy could always make Mom smile!  A beautiful flower, 2008

I will miss my baby girl who made be laugh every day, gave me kisses several times a day, and loved to cuddle in the chair with me.  She taught me what love really was, how very stubborn a little 14 pound girl could be, and how much I really love these little scruffy dogs. 

Please light a candle for Lucy, now with Gismo and Maggie at the bridge.  After she had gone blind, she did not want the other dogs in her “space” and if they came too close, she let them know without a doubt, “this is my space”.  So look to the skies and when you see the little star up there that has a wide berth around it, you will know this is my Lucy. 

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
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Volunteer!  You will learn more about Love than you could ever imagine!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ramona Reclaims Forever!

Written by Ramona fka CP Candace fka Ramona fka CP Dazzle

Ramona fka CP Candace fka Ramona fka CP Dazzle is Home Again!

Greetings!  Ramona here – though you likely know me as CP Candace.  …Or you might even remember me as CP Dazzle?

Confused?  Let me tell you about confused!  I feel like I have been wandering around in Oz for a couple of months and suddenly I have Auntie Em calling my name – well, not really!  My Mom and Dad were suddenly calling my name!  “Ramona!” they cried, and I got so excited, I would have cried too, but instead I just kissed them all over!

Yes!  My favorite chair and pillow is right where I left it!

So, let me explain, the best I can.  A long time ago, when I was not even one year old, Col. Potter rescued me and put me in a very nice Foster Home.  My name was “Dazzle” back then – and I certainly did dazzle everyone with my sparkling personality!  Before very long, my Mom and Dad came along and they took me home and named me “Ramona”.  Life was Wonderful!  Mom and Dad called me their “baby” and I lived like a real Princess!  I had the best food and the best care – we were all very happy!

Then I started picking up some serious talk about “moving to China” for a job – whatever that means.  That didn’t bother me too much, but then they started to talk about this friend taking care of me while they were gone.  That didn’t sound quite as exciting, but I guess this China place wasn’t a good place for me to go, so I figured I would trust Mom and Dad to make sure I was safe here at home.  Then, all of a sudden, their plans fell apart when their friend couldn’t take care of me for some reason, and Mom and Dad frantically tried to find another family member or friend who could help.  It was very stressful, I could tell, but I still trusted Mom and Dad to make sure I was safe.

One night, Mom and Dad drove us to a beautiful park and we met a nice lady there who was a Volunteer for Col. Potter.  That didn’t bother me too much because I know Col. Potter has very good Volunteers, but before I knew it, my crate was in the nice lady’s car and Mom and Dad started crying as they put me in my crate…  Hmmm…  They got back in our car and left!  I tried to stay calm – I knew they would come back for me – but one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had traveled way far away – all the way to Canada!  I met many Col. Potter Volunteers along the way, and everyone was very nice, but I was very sad because I really just wanted to go back Home.

Well, time went by and I tried to be good and not be too bossy with Foster Mom’s other Cairns, but it was tough since I was used to being the center of the universe, you know?  So then, last week, my Foster Mom put me in the car and we set off.  I got a little nervous after a couple of hours driving.  I mean I really liked my Foster Mom and I didn’t feel like having to start all over again with someone else.  Foster Mom told me not to worry, but I did.

The car finally stopped, and then it happened:  “Ramona!”  Oh, what music to my ears!  My very own Mom and Dad were back!!!  It really was like Dorothy waking up after being in Oz!  Mom and Dad moved my crate and other things into Our car and off we went – Home! 

I think I am sitting Pretty on Pink, but Mom says this is my Princess pose!

Turns out, from what Mom and Dad said, that when the plan for the friend taking care of me fell apart, they couldn’t get anyone else to help, and they had no choice but to ask Col. Potter to take me back and find me a new Forever Home where I would be safe.  I’m so glad I didn’t know that at the time!  Anyway, then, after they had brought me back to Col. Potter, and after I moved way up to Canada, suddenly the whole job thing in China got “delayed” and then that fell apart too!  Mom and Dad were beside themselves!  They wanted their baby back!  They figured out how to fix their jobs so something like this would never happen again, and they applied to Col. Potter and made a special appeal to adopt me back!  And here I am!  Back Home!

I think I’ll feel Just like Dorothy when I wake up in my Own bed!

I am so, so glad Col. Potter Volunteers were there to keep me safe when my Mom and Dad ran out of “options”, and so, so, So happy they made a big “Exception” for my “Special Circumstances” and let Mom and Dad adopt me back!  I even have a Forever reminder of how kind everyone in Col. Potter was to me: I have my very own Beautiful Red Blankie, made for me by Kay R. up in BC, Canada.  Thank you so much Auntie Kay!  Let me tell you something:  All of the Volunteers at Col. Potter are Great – but there is Absolutely No Place Like Home!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Barley Celebrates 1 Whole Year in Forever!

Written by Barley fka CP San Giorgio

Barley fka CP San Giorgio Celebrating 1 year in Forever!

Hi, everyone!  It’s me again, Barley!   Remember?  I used to be CP San Giorgio, but today marks one whole year since I found my Forever Home and changed my name Forever!  I forget what Mom said the name “Barley” came from, but I can certainly tell you it means that I am one lucky guy!

I love my Foster Dads, Reece and Scott, but I had to share their attention with other Cairns in the house.  In my Forever Home, I am the MAN!  My Mom and Dad focus all their attention on Me, and they really love me to bits!

A year ago, when I first moved to North Carolina from Florida, I had to show off a bit.  They soon discovered that I already knew "Sit", "Heel",  "Down", and "Come"!  When I am inside or on walks, everyone is so impressed!  They also soon learned that when I am outside stalking critters, I just don't listen!  Cairn deafness!  I am an expert at hiding in the bushes if I don't want to come in, or getting close to coming but surprising them by streaking by in the opposite direction.  I think it is a great game!  Mom and Dad don't!  They turned out to be pretty smart though, so they caught on quick.  My Foster Dads, unfortunately, told them about my games, so Mom and Dad leave a bright red leash on me in the yard.  I am very fast, so they have to grab my lead as I whiz by sometimes!  The darned lead also helps them find me when I decide to hide in the bushes!  I think that’s cheating, but I’ve been outvoted on that one…

I turned 2 in July!  Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a big birthday celebration in July when I turned 2 - a pretend cake and some real frozen yogurt - Mmmm!

I love to travel with my Mom and Dad in my special seat and harness that let me look out the window.  When we go through the drive-in window at the cleaners, the bank, and the drugstore, they give me treats!  Mom only lets me have one, so we keep a stash of them in the car for other times.  I also go to the mountains a lot.  I learned that the cute, large black creature is a baby bear, and her mother is always close by, so I can't go outside at the mountains except on my leash, attached firmly to Mom or Dad.

I do still love to sit on the screen porch and observe everything.  I also have a cousin, Bella, who sometimes comes to visit.  She is a rescue, too, but she is larger and not much fun to play with because she likes to take my toys.  I'm always glad when Bella leaves!  Sometimes her parents kennel her and then they can visit and give lots of attention to Me!  My human sister comes to visit sometimes, too, and she is so much fun!  I get lots of scritches and walks with her.

Look at Me!  I got to stay in a Beautiful hotel…
…and sleep in the nicest bed!

At Christmas I got to go with my forever family - all of them - to a fancy hotel in Virginia, and I got many kudos for my excellent behavior!  Even strangers would come up and want to pet me in the lobby, fetching as I was in my new Christmas sweater!  We had a lot of fun since all of my Mom's family got together, and I got Tons of attention!

Like my Christmas sweater?  Everyone loved it!
Snow!  Come on!  This is supposed to be a Bush!

We had a lot of this white stuff called "snow" this year.  It was fun at first, but the critters in the yard don't come out as much when it was on the ground.  I’m ready for Spring!  I spend a lot of time in the good weather in my large yard.  Squirrels, chipmunks, birds and, in the Summer, lizards (small ones, not like the geckos) keep me busy.  I love to be outdoors!  Right now, I am exhausted and filthy dirty by the end of the day, digging for moles!  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!  This has been a banner year, so far, my Mom says.  I don't know what they would do without me!

These bushes require a Lot of maintenance!

I think the Col. Potter folks did a GREAT job matching me with my Forever Home!  I can't imagine being anywhere else!  I thank my Matchmaker and my Foster Dads for their fantastic job in finding me the Perfect family!

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Boswell Breezes into Forever!

Written by Boswell Himself

Boswell here!  I had no idea I could work such Magic…

Boswell here!  …and All’s Well with Boswell!!!

It is hard to believe that, just last September, I was found alone and flea bitten, abandoned by everyone!    With a little bit of luck and some help from a nice Scottie Rescue, I made my way to Col. Potter and that was an Excellent thing to happen to me!  I got to live with a totally awesome Foster Mom and Dad!

They got me all cleaned up and made my skin feel better and – Best of all – they took me shopping for Toys!!!!!  I never knew about toys before, but boy did I catch on quick!  Mom and Dad buy these great toys and then my job is to see how quickly I can kill them!  It is so unbelievably Fun!!!  It is fun to race around the yard like a streak of lightning too!  Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Anyway, all of a sudden I head Foster Mom talking to Foster Dad about some nice family that really needed a great dog like me.  Their Jessie was gone and their hearts were broken, and only my “magic” could fix things.  Who knew?  Foster Mom said they had Kids, and the more I listened to them, I started to think that Kids might be as much fun as Toys, so it seemed like this might be a win-win situation!

Sure enough, one day Foster Mom got me all slicked up and Foster Dad took me for a ride to a really neat park, and there was this Family!  Big people, little people (Kids, I figured), and Toys!  Everybody smiled great big smiles, so I guess my “magic” really did work on them!

…but just Look at the smiles!

Another smile and…  Oh boy!  I see a new Toy!

Now I love to follow my New Mommy around, and it is very interesting!  I am learning how to wake Kids up for school!  Of course, the bad thing about school is that when my new brother Chan comes home from there, he has to sit and do Homework, and I have to wait to play!  If you ask me, homework is a waste of time, but Mom says Chan must do it, so I must be patient and wait. 

Oh brother!  Who came up with this crazy New math???

Meanwhile, I am doing my best to remember everything that Foster Mom and Dad taught me.  I wait by the door to let everyone know I need to go potty, and I am getting Mom and Dad trained on My schedule.  I also love to talk to my new family when I get excited, and they seem to like to listen!  I even roll around on my back when I’m very excited in a move my Foster Mom and Dad called my “Happy Dance”.  I am all sweetness and light when Mom wants to take me for a walk.  Now that we've established that this is My neighborhood, I even bark at larger dogs to make sure they know I’m out and about, but Mom usually asks me to back off, so I do.  It makes her smile again – like magic!

Oh!  More toys!

I could not be happier with my new Family, and I think they feel the same way about me!  I know I have heard Mom say how thankful she is to all the Volunteers at Col. Potter - everyone who helped them along the way to finding Me - and how especially thankful she is for my Foster Mom and Dad for loving me so much and teaching me how to live with a Family of my very own!

P.S.  I want to say a special Thanks to Foster Mom for telling my new family how much I love Toys!  You did good!

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Wait for it…!  Yes, that’s Me at the very End!

OK, this time that’s Me at the very Beginning!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paddy Celebrates 2 Years!

Contributed by Paddy fka CP Patterson

Paddy fka CP Patterson, no longer the Ides of March baby boy!

Sure and begorra!  St. Paddy here!  Wishin’ you all the Luck o’ the Irish!

OK, well... Mom says I have to be honest...  Paddy here, fka CP Patterson.  You might remember I was the last little tiny puppy born on March 15, 2012, and, being two years old Today, I like to do my own thinking...  It just seemed a good idea to celebrate with “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” than “Beware the Ides of March!” – don’t you think?

Mom and Dad find it really hard to believe that I am already two years old!  I’m not sure why because I certainly don’t look the same!  I am a big boy now, and quite the young man, if I do say so myself.  I weigh a hefty 15 pounds – not a hint of that tiny little pup anymore — and I lift my leg, and I dig up things, and scratch around - just like any grownup dog I’ve seen.

Mom says I still walk like a little soldier, and that I run like a little bunny rabbit, but that just makes me Special!  Special is good!  I really love that Mom and Dad just love me to bits and I feel like I somehow got that pot o’ gold, so lucky that I’m part of our family!

Paddy relaxing with big sister Kerri fka CP Señora

Happy Birthday to all the other Ides of March puppies!  Wishin’ you all that pot o’ gold this side of the rainbow! 

…and that’s no Blarney!

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