Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ruby's (fka Prim) 3rd Gotcha Day!

Written by Ruby's Mom

Ruby fka CP Prim is now a Big Sister!

Today we celebrated Ruby's (fka CP Prim) 3rd Gotcha Day!  What a year it has been!  Ruby had a big change in her life this year - she became a big sister!

Our daughter was born in July and Ruby has been the best companion!  She loves to watch us play with the baby, and barks loudly - in typical Cairn fashion - to warn Mommy and Daddy if she hears any noises outside.  The baby must have been used to Ruby's barks from inside my belly, because they don't bother her at all!

Ruby meets her New Baby Sister on her 1st day Home
Ruby has been so loving to her new sister, giving her kisses on her hand, and sometimes even her cheek.  Sometimes she is sneaky and steals a pacifier, but that's just her way of saying that she wants to play.  I have a feeling these two are going to be best buddies!  We can't wait to see our daughter grow up with "the best little pal in the world" by her side.

Ruby is still getting two insulin injections daily for her diabetes, but you'd never know it. She is as spunky and playful as ever.   Thank you, CP, for three wonderful years with Ruby!  We love her so much!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tumbleweed Wizzes into Forever!!!

Written by Wiz aka Wizard fka CP Tumbleweed

Wiz aka Wizard fka CP Tumbleweed
Hello there!  You know how Tumbleweeds just kind of roll along, wherever the wind wants to blow them?  Well, that’s kind of what I did for a year, but not anymore!  I came to Col. Potter in December, 2012, after my family left me at a shelter - for reasons having nothing to do with me – and I was given the name “Tumbleweed”.

Everyone thought I would be fine at my first Foster Home because the shelter people told them that I was good with cats, but they had that a little mixed up:  I thought cats were good prey and I had several cats to choose from there – which was fine by me!  Off I went to another Foster Home without cats, and then another, and back again, and then another – rolling along like a Tumbleweed!

I love my new brother Ozzie – and Dad’s lap!

Then it finally happened:  My Foster Mom drove me to a nice park with a beautiful view of the water, and Forever Mom and Dad suddenly appeared with a New Brother, Ozzie!  We were so happy!  Right away, we all knew my Tumbleweed days were over!

So now, my name is “Wizard”, but Mom and Dad call me “Wiz”.  I thought at first that Mom and Dad were thinking I was like a magician because I made Ozzie wag his tail and bark again after being so sad because he had lost his brother, Fozzie.  Could be, but then I realized that Ozzie is called “Oz”, so now I think maybe they just wanted our home to have “the Wizard and Oz”!

The real magic, of course, is that my new life with Mom and Dad and Ozzie is just perfect!  We get to walk long walks every day, come rain or shine, and we have already walked over 100 miles!  Thanks to all this practice, I have gotten pretty darned good about letting other people and dogs enjoy walking or jogging in the same places we like to go.  Practice makes perfect I guess!  We have now had encounters with around 40 different dogs, of all sizes (Great Dane to Chihuahua) and I have learned, with help of some vocal clues from Mom or Dad, how to be social with everyone – unless we meet a squirrel or a dog barking behind a fence, of course!   I’m almost perfect but I’m still a Cairn!

The whole world looks better now…

…even when I’m taking a quick look at night!

The best part of our walks is that Ozzie and I know exactly when we are within about three blocks of Home, and we always perk right up.  After all, being the Wizard and Oz, we know for sure there is no place like Home!

Ahhhh!  The joy of relaxing under my Own Christmas Tree!

Thank you Col. Potter for taking good care of me until my Forever Home was ready!  It’s not always easy to see these things in that big crystal ball, and the Yellow Brick Road sometimes winds through that big old haunted forest, but the Emerald City is always shining there at the end, ready to open the gate, on the way back Home!   

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kody’s First Christmas!!!

Written by Kody fka CP IC

This is me, Kody fka CP IC, reading my Special Christmas card!

It’s me: Kody again!   Remember how I told you before that this was going to be my very first Christmas?  Well, my Mom and Dad had some relatives I never met before come to our home for Christmas and Boy, did I have fun!

My new Uncle especially loved playing with me outside.  I kept him pretty busy!  Then, we came back inside and got to open Presents!  Besides the box full of toys that Col. Potter had sent me earlier, and treats and toys that Santa left for me, I got this neat package in the mail from my feline cousins.  In it was this cute Christmas card, and I sat there and read the whole thing!  It said:

“Merry Christmas - Your First of Many!  Welcome to the family of four-legged angels!  As your servants (you call them Mom & Dad) have sent us so many goodies over the years, we instructed our servants to do the same for such a princely young boy named Kody.  You really should wait ‘til Christmas to open, but that's only by human rules.  As you already know, dogs and cats don't have rules - just fun!  Again a very Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year!  Love, Yancey, Lily, Molly and Suzy!”   

Look at my special Christmas tin!

In my package was this cute Christmas dog tin.  That was pretty special, but inside, there was an Elf hat, a small stuffed football. and lots of goodies to eat!   Mom said I looked adorable in my Elf hat…   What do you think?

Tell me the truth:  Do I look adorable???

Mom and Dad and the rest of my new family certainly made my first Christmas a memorable one!  It is Great to be Loved!  Thank you Col. Potter for giving me my Forever Home and Happy New Year to all! 

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mr. Stowe from City Slickers to Forever!

Contributed by his Dad

Mr. Stowe's &Taco, his Aunt's Chihuahua, also adopted from a shelter in 2008

I adopted CP Stowe a couple of years ago and picked him up on my birthday.  What a gift he has been!

Stowe was rescued from a puppy mill, where he spent the first four years of his life in a cage.  When he first arrived to his new home, he preferred to stay inside his kennel unless it was time to eat or go outside.  I tried to encourage him to stay outside of it during the daytime hours, but I could tell he was just more at ease inside.  So, with the kennel door left open during the day and closed only at night (to prevent indoor wetting accidents), I allowed him to go there and stay where he felt more secure (with his blanket and his toys).  I bought beds and blankets and toys that were never put inside the kennel, but still he seemed to prefer being inside of it.

During the first several months, Stowe gradually spent more and more time outside the kennel while at home, and soon was following me around the house - but he was still wary.  Extending a hand to pet his fur, or any sudden movement - or visitor - had him seeking refuge in his kennel.  He occasionally went places with me in the car, but again, he needed the security of the kennel.  Without it, he was agitated and aggressive toward anyone who came near the car.  

Mr. Stowe looking handsome in his Christmas sweater from his best buddy Lisa

Today, he is affectionately called “Mr. Stowe”, and has become a full fledged member of an extended family (including neighbors and friends).  He is able to go a wide variety of places with me, and of course, travels out of town to visit family.  The kennel now sits in a corner of my bedroom, but he has not entered it in close to nine months.  

For the first time since coming to his new home, Mr. Stowe is actually learning to "play".  He bounces around the room and revels in the affection he receives from friends and family, and has become a close buddy of my sister's rescue Chihuahua, Taco.  He now smiles and rolls over to show his tummy for a rub, or nudges our hands to beg for petting.

We all love Mr. Stowe very much and want all of those at Colonel Potter's Cairn Rescue Network, and all who are considering adoption, to know how thankful we are that he is a member of our family.  

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