Sunday, September 18, 2016

Raleigh Dee fka CP Tingler Enjoying Life to the Fullest!

Raleigh Dee relaxing at home after a busy Summer!

When I first read about Tingler, now known as Raleigh Dee, I knew I wanted to adopt her.  There was something about her story that touched me.  I chose her name both because I flew to Raleigh, NC to pick her up, and because it’s Celtic for brave and courageous, which fits her perfectly. 

Raleigh is mostly blind from untreated congenital cataracts.  She was picked up in Delaware as a stray in the bitter winter of December 2013.  How she survived on the streets is a mystery, but this little girl is as determined as they come.  She easily learned her way around my home and yard; if she encounters an obstacle, she simply finds a way around it.  She is fiercely independent and wants to navigate on her own rather than being picked up.  She uses a pet door, jumps in and out of the car, and climbs a few steps to get on my bed in the evening.  She found and used the steps on her own.  For months she slept on a dog bed in the living room when one morning I woke up to find that she had gotten onto the bed to sleep.  
Raleigh Dee and Mom escape the heat at the beach
Raleigh has been on trips to the mountains and the shore.  She’s waded on her own into shallow streams and gone camping.  She readily adapts to her situation and her needs are not unlike any other dog.  She loves food and stands up on her back legs for treats.  She’s always willing to roll over for a belly rub. Her medical needs are down to a yearly visit with a veterinary ophthalmologist and drops every other day.  She occasionally plays with toys and tries to chase her brother and sister when they play.  She doesn’t know she’s different from other dogs, and I’m not telling her.
Shaney (CP’s ShyAnne), McKenzie (CP’s Beckett) and Raleigh after hiking to Annie Creek Falls

Raleigh brings joy into my life every day.  I’m grateful that her namesake and Rescue Angel, Marlene Tingler, guided her into the loving arms of Col. Potter.  I hope my experience with this remarkable little girl will encourage others to adopt a less than “perfect” dog (if there is such a thing).  The rewards far outweigh the effort.
On a camping trip in the Cascade Mountains – Raleigh is on the left with Shaney (CP’s ShyAnne) in the foreground
Summer is a glorious season in western Oregon.  I hope you enjoy these pictures of Raleigh’s adventures over the past couple of months!

Contributed by Raleigh Dee's Mom, Suzanne
Raleigh Dee and Mom at Newberry Crater in Central Oregon

Friday, April 15, 2016

Boating Safety for Your Cairns

Contributed by Divinity's Dad

Maggie and Riley enjoy Safe Boating the way Divinity would have loved!
Now that Spring has sprung, Boating Safety will be important for many lucky dogs in the months ahead.  Divinity's Blog has posted a great rundown of tips - with lots of photos - and a fun video at the end.  Divinity loved to look at boats but never quite had the opportunity to take a ride.  This  informative post was put together with Miss Divinity's passion and safety in mind.

Miss Divinity continues to inspire awareness for the good of our Cairns!

Remember:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Understanding Dementia in Dogs

Contributed by Divinity's Dad

Miss Divinity continues to inspire awareness for the good of our Cairns!

In the last year of her life, Divinity suffered from a form of dementia.  Divinity's Blog has posted the first in a series of articles to help you understand dementia in dogs.  Divinity loved her life with her Dad and her decline was difficult for her as well as everyone who loved her.  This  informative post is presented with Miss Divinity's passion for life in mind.