Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monty fka CP Moffat at Home in Paradise!

Written by Monty fka CP Moffat
Monty fka CP Moffat is quite at home in Paradise!

It is so hard to believe that I have been “Monty” now for two whole years!  They have been pretty good years too, I know, because Mom and Dad call me “our happy little boy”!  Dad has been a dog lover his whole life, and I often hear him telling friends that he has never known (or owned) a dog who was as inquisitive as me - about absolutely everything!

Curious Monty up on the bed, checking to see what Dad was doing!

Some people call where we live “Paradise” and I’m not quite sure what they mean, but I think it’s because this is a very nice place.  We do lots of interesting things too, like taking wonderful long walks.  I especially like to have my Best Friend come along, and we can count on Dad having great treats in his pocket when the walk is done!

Monty and his Best Friend, the Pomeranian, finish up their nice long walk with treats from Dad!
Last October my Dad organized a Canine Costume Party for all of the dogs in our condo development.  What a lot of fun!  I was dressed as a convict, but not in that orange thing.  My shirt had black and white stripes and it said "I'm a really bad dog".   That was a joke, of course, because I’m really never bad!

Pilgrim Monty all dressed up for Thanksgiving, a nice departure from his pin-striped costume in October!

There were so many dogs and people, I lost count after a while, but Dad says we had 22 dogs and probably 50 people attend.  All the dogs got along great with no issues of any kind.  I think everyone knew it was for a good cause, so we were all on our best behavior.  See, Dad asked everyone to bring a bag of dry dog or cat food, which he would then deliver the next day to Ana's Animal Angels, a local No Kill animal shelter.   Dad delivered well in excess of 200 pounds of dog and cat food and they were thrilled to get it!   The costume party was such a hit, Dad has already been asked by many to do it again this year!   Dad hopes to get even more dogs, people, and donations this time around – and I hope he comes up with a great idea for a costume!

Monty loves to visit his Best Friend, an elderly Pomeranian – and the neighbor’s sofa!

Well, I am looking forward to a third happy year here in Paradise, and I want to thank everyone who helped rescue me and match me up to the Best Mom and Dad I could imagine!

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