Friday, August 1, 2014

Caruso Celebrates his 2nd Gotcha Day!

Contributed by CP Caruso

CP Caruso is a Happy 4 year old Boy!

Hey!!!  Caruso here!  Can you believe a whole year has gone by since I talked to you guys?  Well, it’s true – and do you know what that means?  Today is my 2nd Gotcha Day!!!  Yay!!!

My Mom and Dad are so Great, they celebrate two special days just for me!  Mom says that because I was rescued by Col. Potter on June 8th, and because nobody knew exactly when my birthday was, she and Dad decided to designate my rescue date as my birthday – so we celebrate on June 8th!  Then, they adopted me officially on August 1st, so that’s my “Gotcha Day!”  Two celebrations and two for-sure sets of new balls!!!

Caruso loves to hang out with big sister, Cindel…
…and he and Wicket have shared lots more brotherly love too!

And there is Lots to celebrate!  Mom says that I am doing much better on walks!  I knew that because I have heard different people giving me compliments!  Last week, for example, I was walking with Wicket and Mom didn't see the big dog coming since he was hidden by some shrubs.  All of a sudden, out pops this girl and her big dog, but Wicket and I didn't bark or anything!  Mom was so impressed!  Wicket doesn't like certain dogs and I have always had issues with most big dogs, so she couldn't believe how good we were - and she didn't have any treats in her pocket!  I think it’s that “maturity” she talked to me about last year, don’t you think?

Actually, I’m not so sure she should have been surprised.  After all, when she took me to my Big Birthday Party in June, I was very well behaved!  She kept calling the party “CRAP” - which I really didn’t understand, but I figured it was some kind of code about my 4th birthday!   Anyway, I think the “maturity” thing started sticking to me then – ‘cause when you’re four, you got bigger responsibilities!

Caruso celebrated his Fourth Birthday at CRAP!

For example, I take full responsibility to get myself into my crate on my own now, and I don’t even wait for Mom to have a treat in her hand first.  This is a big deal, Mom says, because it means I trust her more, and that makes her very happy!  All she has to do is point to my crate now and I go right in!  Even if she walks away for a bit, I will still be sitting there in my crate when she comes back – and she always comes back with a treat!

Waiting for Mom to come home is very mature work!

Yes, I am growing up!  Even my Grandma and Grandpa say the same thing!  Of course, Grandma gets to observe my “maturity” quite a lot because I like to follow her around when I’m over at their house – which makes me a Grandma's Boy as well as a Mama's Boy!

Shhhhh… I’m hiding…

Don’t worry!  I’ll never let “maturity” take all of me!  I still love to play ball, any time, any place, and that is very, very good!  In the morning, Mom plays fetch with me for a while, and then I snuggle into my special "hidey spot" at the end of the bed when she is getting ready to go to work – just like I did when I was just a two-year old baby!

Some things shouldn’t ever be changed by “maturity”!

Thanks again to everyone in Col. Potter who worked so hard to save me and set me up for the Best two years of my life - so far! 

Check out my video where I am very mature, playing ball with a little baby!

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