Friday, June 6, 2014

Charlie Catches Spring Fever!

Written by Charlie aka Chuckles fka CP Sir. Charlie

Charlie fka CP Sir. Charlie - still Happy in Forever!

Hey, Col. Potter people!   It’s finally Spring! 

You might remember me from a few months back (eight, if you want to be precise…) as that charming older gentleman, Sir. Charlie, adopted by another charming older gentleman, my Dad!  He dropped the “Sir.” As it was just too formal for us country folk, so now I am simply Charlie – but I am still Charming!

Do you like this profile better?

A nice lady named “Janet” came over and took some photos of me – and fell in love with me, of course!  (I am charming, after all…)

I like to take my Dad for a walk…

…and Dad likes to check out the other animals!

Anyway, my Dad calls me “Chuckles” because I make him laugh every day, and that’s a good thing too.  He, in turn, takes me for nice walks every day, and I let him stop and check out the pesky alpaca (who is just a stick in the mud as far as I’m concerned), and he likes to stop and make sure the cattle are keeping the grass short enough (especially with the ticks!).

I love the Spring!
Dad calls me “Chuckles” because I make him laugh!
I then always treat him to my "stop, drop, and roll" routine which makes him laugh.  I like to keep him happy!  Happy Dad!  Happy Charlie!  Simple as that!

Well, that’s it for now, but I’ll let you know how things are going down the road.  Now…  Where did we leave that pesky alpaca?

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  1. HEY.... CHARLEY here in 'Las Begus' haha dat's wat mom calls it. I'm not a Cairn but mom says I have 'cairn-it-tude' as *I* am da ruler even tho my fur sister things SHE is 'cuz SHE was here first.... but we guys know that BOYS rule, gurls drool. Wat's dat green stuff all around you? We just has brown desert heer....back in march before it got so hot. I wuz tied up to the gates where Mom lives and left in the hot sun. I'm lucky to live with her. She sez that older dogs are SUPER. She has this picture of a dog before me named Barney who came to be her angel when HE was just 10...he didn't leave her until he was 19... human years. that is. He was sent to take care of her when she got canser so you take care of your dad too...OK?
    your fren out in the wild west of Las BEGus..