Saturday, May 10, 2014

CP Curly Finds Magic in Forever!!!

Written by Merlin fka CP Curly

Merlin fka CP Curly with his Mystic Krewe of Salty Barkers Pirate bandanna

Ahoy there!  Oh-oh!  I meant “Hello there!”  Wearing this fancy bandana from the Pirates of the Carrabellean, I guess I got carried away!  Dad took me to this great Riverfront Festival and let me help at the Gulf Specimen Display table.  What is a “Gulf Specimen Display” you ask?  Well, I’m really not sure - but it was really lots of fun to help out there – and I even won the “Best Beard” in the pet contest!

My Dad is a great companion!

Of course, I’m not sure what this “pet” business is all about.  I mean, a pet is like a goldfish or something – and I’m no goldfish!  I’m my Dad’s son!  He told me so!  Forever and ever!  You see, I used to live in a house with a lot of other dogs.  Eight years I lived like that!  I might have been a pet then, I’m not really sure.  But then I got “rescued” by a very nice lady and suddenly it was me and her and only two other dogs.  She called me “Curly” and told me she was my Foster Mom, and Ella and Gigi were my Foster sisters.  Ella was very nice to hang out with, but Gigi just wanted to hang out with Foster Mom.  That was OK because I really liked Ella!

My new sister, Ellie, thinks I’m a great companion too!

Every day, Foster Mom helped me feel more “special” than I ever had, and then, one day, Foster Mom said I was “adopted” – which made me nervous – but we went for a little ride in the car and met my Dad!  I really liked him a Lot, and then when we got Home, there was Ellie waiting for me!  Like magic!   It was like someone waived a magic wand and traded my Foster Mom and Ella for a Dad and Ellie!  Neat trick!

Flowers!  I thought Dad said “lay”…  Hmmmmm…

Of course, Dad didn’t take long to come up with a new name for me.  I did a very nice job taking the toys and hiding them, you know, under cushions, or chairs, that sort of thing.  Just keeping everything safe!  Well, Dad looked down at me one morning, sitting innocently by Ellie’s toy box – I meant, by Ellie’s empty toy box – and he said to me, “Son, you are like a magician, making all of your sister’s toys disappear all the time…  I guess you must be a Merlin!”  So, like magic, I became “Merlin” just like that!

Dad and I drove a long way for a dog obedience class, but it turned out that we were the only ones who showed up.  The trainer was very nice but she said we would benefit more from a group class, so we have to try going back some other time - and hopefully more people and dogs will show up!  Training is so important, I have discovered!  Every dog should have some!

What’s that, Ellie?...  Oh...
Surf’s up!

I love my Dad and Ellie, and Dad is very happy with me and especially likes that I am such an affectionate Cairn - with a great personality, if I do say so myself!  Thank you Foster Mom and all the Volunteers at Col. Potter for changing my life when things looked pretty hopeless, and I want to especially thank my Dad for adopting me when other people might have thought I was too old, and for putting so much Magic into my life – Forever!

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  1. Can't wait to see you conquer that surfboard Merlin! ...or is is conquering the surf on the surfboard? Well, you know what I mean!

  2. I'm a member of Col Potter and Salty Barkers! I live in Apalachicola with my Cairn, Lucy. Would love to have a play date if you're in the area!!