Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ramona Reclaims Forever!

Written by Ramona fka CP Candace fka Ramona fka CP Dazzle

Ramona fka CP Candace fka Ramona fka CP Dazzle is Home Again!

Greetings!  Ramona here – though you likely know me as CP Candace.  …Or you might even remember me as CP Dazzle?

Confused?  Let me tell you about confused!  I feel like I have been wandering around in Oz for a couple of months and suddenly I have Auntie Em calling my name – well, not really!  My Mom and Dad were suddenly calling my name!  “Ramona!” they cried, and I got so excited, I would have cried too, but instead I just kissed them all over!

Yes!  My favorite chair and pillow is right where I left it!

So, let me explain, the best I can.  A long time ago, when I was not even one year old, Col. Potter rescued me and put me in a very nice Foster Home.  My name was “Dazzle” back then – and I certainly did dazzle everyone with my sparkling personality!  Before very long, my Mom and Dad came along and they took me home and named me “Ramona”.  Life was Wonderful!  Mom and Dad called me their “baby” and I lived like a real Princess!  I had the best food and the best care – we were all very happy!

Then I started picking up some serious talk about “moving to China” for a job – whatever that means.  That didn’t bother me too much, but then they started to talk about this friend taking care of me while they were gone.  That didn’t sound quite as exciting, but I guess this China place wasn’t a good place for me to go, so I figured I would trust Mom and Dad to make sure I was safe here at home.  Then, all of a sudden, their plans fell apart when their friend couldn’t take care of me for some reason, and Mom and Dad frantically tried to find another family member or friend who could help.  It was very stressful, I could tell, but I still trusted Mom and Dad to make sure I was safe.

One night, Mom and Dad drove us to a beautiful park and we met a nice lady there who was a Volunteer for Col. Potter.  That didn’t bother me too much because I know Col. Potter has very good Volunteers, but before I knew it, my crate was in the nice lady’s car and Mom and Dad started crying as they put me in my crate…  Hmmm…  They got back in our car and left!  I tried to stay calm – I knew they would come back for me – but one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had traveled way far away – all the way to Canada!  I met many Col. Potter Volunteers along the way, and everyone was very nice, but I was very sad because I really just wanted to go back Home.

Well, time went by and I tried to be good and not be too bossy with Foster Mom’s other Cairns, but it was tough since I was used to being the center of the universe, you know?  So then, last week, my Foster Mom put me in the car and we set off.  I got a little nervous after a couple of hours driving.  I mean I really liked my Foster Mom and I didn’t feel like having to start all over again with someone else.  Foster Mom told me not to worry, but I did.

The car finally stopped, and then it happened:  “Ramona!”  Oh, what music to my ears!  My very own Mom and Dad were back!!!  It really was like Dorothy waking up after being in Oz!  Mom and Dad moved my crate and other things into Our car and off we went – Home! 

I think I am sitting Pretty on Pink, but Mom says this is my Princess pose!

Turns out, from what Mom and Dad said, that when the plan for the friend taking care of me fell apart, they couldn’t get anyone else to help, and they had no choice but to ask Col. Potter to take me back and find me a new Forever Home where I would be safe.  I’m so glad I didn’t know that at the time!  Anyway, then, after they had brought me back to Col. Potter, and after I moved way up to Canada, suddenly the whole job thing in China got “delayed” and then that fell apart too!  Mom and Dad were beside themselves!  They wanted their baby back!  They figured out how to fix their jobs so something like this would never happen again, and they applied to Col. Potter and made a special appeal to adopt me back!  And here I am!  Back Home!

I think I’ll feel Just like Dorothy when I wake up in my Own bed!

I am so, so glad Col. Potter Volunteers were there to keep me safe when my Mom and Dad ran out of “options”, and so, so, So happy they made a big “Exception” for my “Special Circumstances” and let Mom and Dad adopt me back!  I even have a Forever reminder of how kind everyone in Col. Potter was to me: I have my very own Beautiful Red Blankie, made for me by Kay R. up in BC, Canada.  Thank you so much Auntie Kay!  Let me tell you something:  All of the Volunteers at Col. Potter are Great – but there is Absolutely No Place Like Home!

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