Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lucy 101

Contributed by Lucy’s Mom

Beautiful Lucy, blinded by SARDS, but a vision always!

There are many wonderful Col. Potter Volunteers who became involved after they adopted a CP Cairn, but some of us are here thanks to Cairns like my Lucy, and I want to share her story.

Lucy was my introduction to the Cairn breed!  I’d had a little Terrier mix named Gismo, and when he went to the bridge, I knew I wanted another Terrier, so I looked at Petfinder for “Terrier”.  Lucy’s sweet little picture came up and I immediately contacted the rescue that she was with.  Within a few weeks, she was a member of my family but little did I know what was in store for me… 

Lucy at one year old – ready to teach Mom a few lessons!

Lucy was a spitfire and I learned all about her and about Cairns in a crash course called Lucy 101!  Lucy had been surrendered to the rescue because she had been “picking on” the Poodle in the home – sound familiar?  She was 11 months old and all attitude.  I immediately enrolled in obedience training as I knew, without a doubt, that this little girl could - and would - take over if I did not have all my ducks in a row.

In order to find out more information on this little Terror, er, I mean Terrier, I joined the Terrier Club and it was there that I learned about Col. Potter.  After Lucy and I had settled in, I applied to be a Foster Home and the rest is history.   Lucy welcomed her 2 Cairn brothers – and taught them who was the boss (and it was not them).  She welcomed many a Foster, and showed more than one puppy mill kid how to play. 

Lucy and her bunny – a special greeting for special visitors!

She did love to play!  When anyone came to visit, Lucy always greeted them with a toy in her mouth!  Hearing a knock on the door, Lucy would frantically run around until she could find a toy, and then she would run to the door!  For the people she really loved, like my son and daughter, she would touch the toy to their leg or hand – I think trying to kiss them but unwilling to let go of the toy! 

Lucy sitting for Mom in 2005

About 3 years ago, Lucy developed SARDS and was totally blind, but that did not stop her.  She was so good about getting around the house that I would have to tell people that did not know her that she was blind.  About a year ago, she was diagnosed with kidney failure and we kept this at bay until the last couple of weeks, when it escalated.  She stopped eating and I knew it was time to free of her body and let her soar at the bridge.  She was miserable and she let me know that it was time. 

Lucy could always make Mom smile!  A beautiful flower, 2008

I will miss my baby girl who made be laugh every day, gave me kisses several times a day, and loved to cuddle in the chair with me.  She taught me what love really was, how very stubborn a little 14 pound girl could be, and how much I really love these little scruffy dogs. 

Please light a candle for Lucy, now with Gismo and Maggie at the bridge.  After she had gone blind, she did not want the other dogs in her “space” and if they came too close, she let them know without a doubt, “this is my space”.  So look to the skies and when you see the little star up there that has a wide berth around it, you will know this is my Lucy. 

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