Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gibbs Celebrates his First Gotcha Day!

Written by Gibbs fka CP Citron

Gibbs fka CP Citron Celebrate his 1st Year Gotcha Day!

Good Morning!  Gibbs here!  A year ago I was pulled from a life of fighting Naval crime and…  Oh… wait… That’s the real Gibbs.  Ok: A year ago I was adopted by two really nice people.  Initially, I have to admit, I was a bit frightened, but once they got me to my new Forever Home, I found Lots of new toys, treats, and all the loving and belly rubs I could handle! 

I quickly learned I could trust my new Mom and Dad as I settled in.  Dad then took me exploring my new neighborhood.  It was pretty interesting, and I even found a girlfriend on the corner, though I do still like to play hard to get.  After I earned their trust, Mom and Dad allowed me to sleep at the foot of their bed.  I like that - a lot! 

Gibbs and his brother Alex

Guess what?  My new home also came with a brother, Alex, a funny kind of dog – I think Dad called him a “cat”?  My brother Alex and I are constantly chasing each other and playing.  He doesn’t play fair, but I usually win. 

Gibbs and Alex after a long day of playing
Alex even thinks he can take me for a walk!

It isn’t all fun and games, though.  Dad took me to this thing called “Obedience School”.  At first I wasn’t too sure about all these strange dogs - most of which were larger than me – but, after a few classes, I started socializing with them more and more.  I received lots of praises from the instructor, but what I really liked most was the treats!  In the end, I got the diploma, but I think, truth be told, that Dad got trained pretty well too.

I’m a graduate!

The other thing I like to do is watch TV, especially when dog shows are on.  I’ll watch from Mom or Dad’s lap, next to them on the sofa, or up close, so I can see all the action.

Oh, my!  What a great looking dog!

All in all, it has been a fun year!  I got to meet lots of new people, too.  I got to go on a long car ride to a place called “Tampa” to meet my cousin, Carrie.  I like going for rides, and get excited when I see my crate being loaded in the car!  I just celebrated my 2nd birthday last month and I got Lots more toys, biscuits, and treats!  BTW, have I mentioned I like squeaky toys??!!!

Gibbs and Alex looking for What’s Next…

Thank You, Col. Potter and my Foster Mom & Dad, for rescuing me and preparing me for my Forever Home!   Mom & Dad say they couldn’t be happier!

Gotta go!  Till next time then…  Alex and I will watch for what comes next and I’ll bring you the full report next year!


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