Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boswell Breezes into Forever!

Written by Boswell Himself

Boswell here!  I had no idea I could work such Magic…

Boswell here!  …and All’s Well with Boswell!!!

It is hard to believe that, just last September, I was found alone and flea bitten, abandoned by everyone!    With a little bit of luck and some help from a nice Scottie Rescue, I made my way to Col. Potter and that was an Excellent thing to happen to me!  I got to live with a totally awesome Foster Mom and Dad!

They got me all cleaned up and made my skin feel better and – Best of all – they took me shopping for Toys!!!!!  I never knew about toys before, but boy did I catch on quick!  Mom and Dad buy these great toys and then my job is to see how quickly I can kill them!  It is so unbelievably Fun!!!  It is fun to race around the yard like a streak of lightning too!  Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

Anyway, all of a sudden I head Foster Mom talking to Foster Dad about some nice family that really needed a great dog like me.  Their Jessie was gone and their hearts were broken, and only my “magic” could fix things.  Who knew?  Foster Mom said they had Kids, and the more I listened to them, I started to think that Kids might be as much fun as Toys, so it seemed like this might be a win-win situation!

Sure enough, one day Foster Mom got me all slicked up and Foster Dad took me for a ride to a really neat park, and there was this Family!  Big people, little people (Kids, I figured), and Toys!  Everybody smiled great big smiles, so I guess my “magic” really did work on them!

…but just Look at the smiles!

Another smile and…  Oh boy!  I see a new Toy!

Now I love to follow my New Mommy around, and it is very interesting!  I am learning how to wake Kids up for school!  Of course, the bad thing about school is that when my new brother Chan comes home from there, he has to sit and do Homework, and I have to wait to play!  If you ask me, homework is a waste of time, but Mom says Chan must do it, so I must be patient and wait. 

Oh brother!  Who came up with this crazy New math???

Meanwhile, I am doing my best to remember everything that Foster Mom and Dad taught me.  I wait by the door to let everyone know I need to go potty, and I am getting Mom and Dad trained on My schedule.  I also love to talk to my new family when I get excited, and they seem to like to listen!  I even roll around on my back when I’m very excited in a move my Foster Mom and Dad called my “Happy Dance”.  I am all sweetness and light when Mom wants to take me for a walk.  Now that we've established that this is My neighborhood, I even bark at larger dogs to make sure they know I’m out and about, but Mom usually asks me to back off, so I do.  It makes her smile again – like magic!

Oh!  More toys!

I could not be happier with my new Family, and I think they feel the same way about me!  I know I have heard Mom say how thankful she is to all the Volunteers at Col. Potter - everyone who helped them along the way to finding Me - and how especially thankful she is for my Foster Mom and Dad for loving me so much and teaching me how to live with a Family of my very own!

P.S.  I want to say a special Thanks to Foster Mom for telling my new family how much I love Toys!  You did good!

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