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Barley Celebrates 1 Whole Year in Forever!

Written by Barley fka CP San Giorgio

Barley fka CP San Giorgio Celebrating 1 year in Forever!

Hi, everyone!  It’s me again, Barley!   Remember?  I used to be CP San Giorgio, but today marks one whole year since I found my Forever Home and changed my name Forever!  I forget what Mom said the name “Barley” came from, but I can certainly tell you it means that I am one lucky guy!

I love my Foster Dads, Reece and Scott, but I had to share their attention with other Cairns in the house.  In my Forever Home, I am the MAN!  My Mom and Dad focus all their attention on Me, and they really love me to bits!

A year ago, when I first moved to North Carolina from Florida, I had to show off a bit.  They soon discovered that I already knew "Sit", "Heel",  "Down", and "Come"!  When I am inside or on walks, everyone is so impressed!  They also soon learned that when I am outside stalking critters, I just don't listen!  Cairn deafness!  I am an expert at hiding in the bushes if I don't want to come in, or getting close to coming but surprising them by streaking by in the opposite direction.  I think it is a great game!  Mom and Dad don't!  They turned out to be pretty smart though, so they caught on quick.  My Foster Dads, unfortunately, told them about my games, so Mom and Dad leave a bright red leash on me in the yard.  I am very fast, so they have to grab my lead as I whiz by sometimes!  The darned lead also helps them find me when I decide to hide in the bushes!  I think that’s cheating, but I’ve been outvoted on that one…

I turned 2 in July!  Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a big birthday celebration in July when I turned 2 - a pretend cake and some real frozen yogurt - Mmmm!

I love to travel with my Mom and Dad in my special seat and harness that let me look out the window.  When we go through the drive-in window at the cleaners, the bank, and the drugstore, they give me treats!  Mom only lets me have one, so we keep a stash of them in the car for other times.  I also go to the mountains a lot.  I learned that the cute, large black creature is a baby bear, and her mother is always close by, so I can't go outside at the mountains except on my leash, attached firmly to Mom or Dad.

I do still love to sit on the screen porch and observe everything.  I also have a cousin, Bella, who sometimes comes to visit.  She is a rescue, too, but she is larger and not much fun to play with because she likes to take my toys.  I'm always glad when Bella leaves!  Sometimes her parents kennel her and then they can visit and give lots of attention to Me!  My human sister comes to visit sometimes, too, and she is so much fun!  I get lots of scritches and walks with her.

Look at Me!  I got to stay in a Beautiful hotel…
…and sleep in the nicest bed!

At Christmas I got to go with my forever family - all of them - to a fancy hotel in Virginia, and I got many kudos for my excellent behavior!  Even strangers would come up and want to pet me in the lobby, fetching as I was in my new Christmas sweater!  We had a lot of fun since all of my Mom's family got together, and I got Tons of attention!

Like my Christmas sweater?  Everyone loved it!
Snow!  Come on!  This is supposed to be a Bush!

We had a lot of this white stuff called "snow" this year.  It was fun at first, but the critters in the yard don't come out as much when it was on the ground.  I’m ready for Spring!  I spend a lot of time in the good weather in my large yard.  Squirrels, chipmunks, birds and, in the Summer, lizards (small ones, not like the geckos) keep me busy.  I love to be outdoors!  Right now, I am exhausted and filthy dirty by the end of the day, digging for moles!  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!  This has been a banner year, so far, my Mom says.  I don't know what they would do without me!

These bushes require a Lot of maintenance!

I think the Col. Potter folks did a GREAT job matching me with my Forever Home!  I can't imagine being anywhere else!  I thank my Matchmaker and my Foster Dads for their fantastic job in finding me the Perfect family!

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